Very Inspiring Blogger Award

An  award from  Otrazhenie – the very inspiring blogger award. Thanks, Otrazhenie.




Really glad that you liked my blog and found it inspiring !

And so much of thanks for my second award in my almost second month of WordPress!

So, not wasting time(as I always do) the Rules for the nomination


1. Display the award logo on your blog (DONE!)
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.(DONE!)
3. State 7 things about yourself.(AMMM…KK…WILL DO)
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.(NEED TIME)
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.(FINE!)



7 things about me (already did it some 3-4 days a go, but ok…)


1. I love music.

2. I love food.

3. Writing is my passion, my love and my life. Want to be a good writer in my future.

4. I dont like these rules like, “7 bloggers / 15 bloggers /10 bloggers”, it should be the number of bloggers we feel are deserving, more than this or less, so I m breaking them. Sorry.

5. I love the colors blue, black and red.(many others too, but these are my fav)

6. I dont know what to write now. 😦

7. I really dont know what to say right now. 😥


So, done with the things, now nominations for the award


1. thenaughtypoet

2. thurstanbassett

3. musingsoftompo

4. taniamend


6. forwomenseyesonly

7. soumyav

8. lly1205

9. The Daydreamer




 So, that’s it.  😉


Sorry if I missed anyone deserving, I will sure add them later if I get to remember.


Thanks friends, 2 months, 2 awards…not bad. 😀

Love you all,

Enjoy our paradox! 





50 days of WordPress

Warning: This is not  a post !

I had uploaded my post, “7 days of using WordPress”, and now its 50!

Yes, I completed 50 days recently (3 days ago). I just want to accept and confess, that the love, attention and “familyhood” I experienced here is heart throbbing for me.

I really feel being like a part of a lovely “big” family.

Have run over 100 likes a day ago, wishing to complete many more centuries in some days and a lot more…


But leave it, I m not here to tell you my mortal achievements, rather, just to say a  heartfelt thanks to you all for accompanying me in my journey. Loved thy presence.


This journey has led me make many new friends (as I call you all). The appreciations, the wishes, the love I got here is…amazing!


So again, I really wanted to name some WordPress friends of mine who I heartily love, but don’t want to offend you all by filling the page.

(I still want to say soo much…but ok, I will shut up…)


Thanks everyone for what you have been and would wish you all to remain so.

Moreover, thanks for remaining with me even through my stupidities.

Thanks for making me better, what I am today.

Thanks for boosting my confidence.

Thanks for giving me such a wonderful stage like this.

Thanks for making me explore this world and tell me there’s so much more to do everyday.

Thanks for this and thanks for that.

Thanks for this blog, thanks for the WordPress hat.

Thanks for everything.

Thanks WordPress team and my WordPress family.

Love thee!!!


And I am loving to be entangled in this paradox!

This is the journey of a girl on WordPress.



Seven days of using WordPress

7 comes after 6 and before 8, just like an ass comes after a horse and before a donkey. But I like 7 more than any number, because, I don’t want the weeks to last for 8 or more days, and if they last less than that, it will be stupid, because I won’t get a “weekend” at the end of it. But leave that, congratulate me, I have been the part of the WordPress family for a week now.

As a new member, I never thought, I would ever survive for a day even. There was so much of competition, and people who were so experienced of this path as well as life, more than me. And I had no experience of both, sadly. And was neither that “smart”. I was really perplexed. Should I do this or not? Will it yield anything or not? Well, I know its nothing which I m so much “fantasizing”, but if you know me, you will know what I mean.

I am used to thinking and thinking and thinking on issues until no more thought can pass thorough it. It’s just like watering and watering and watering a plant, until it is dead. Or like adding more and more and more salt to the veggies until the person who consumes, is sure to expire. X(    😀  

But my theory of life helped me, “think the worst that can happen to you, so even if things go wrong, you would rejoice that at least, it wasn’t the worst you expected….”
I know this theory is as stupid as me, but hey! It worked! I didn’t loose my patience even after having “no” views even.
 I looked through people’s profiles and their blogs, and found them to be too good to even compare! My first post got 2 reads and then for 2 days, no reads at all…poor me!
Wow! I became an ice cream, which no one wanted to consume. I found this world useless, worthless and all types of less….! 😦

But the third day, I made a chocolate cake and left it on my window, and guess what? I got 11 visitors! And a like and a follower too! Not a really great number, but you know my theory, right? I concluded that people like chocolate cakes more than ice creams… The fourth day was the best, 22 new comers exploded into my space and made themselves easy, and made me really “uneasy”. 😀

Yesterday was not that great, but no worry, I love being here now.

WordPress has made my confidence boost, like fire makes a LPG cylinder “BURST”. Or like an oven that “BAKES” a “chocolate” cake or may be like a baseball bat, which “Breaks” the head of unrecognized secretive entries in your houses! But what ever it may be, I just love it for what it has been, “a window to the bigger world”.

Thanks for being, what you are. And again, its my seventh day of using WordPress, so congrats to me. (now, here! none of you are going to do that, so let me do it myself!)  😦  


Hey lovieess!

Yes. You heard it right. Its a week. A whole full week! I know its not a very “great” or “biiiiiig” thing, but still. Small small things make a full “life”. Right?

Thanks for being there. But again, give me your feedback. Please. I m not forcing you to rate/follow/like or anything, but please comment.

Don’t you think I deserve that at least?


Snehal Sahay.