Entangled in paradox

While turning the pages of my diary, a piece of paper caught my eye. I pulled it out and found it to be a note,

“I too didn’t do the homework yaar…just forgot to do it…..

These teachers give so much of work man….

I just wish the bell rings before she gets to my desk…cross my fingers….

If not, I am going to go to the sick room and say I have fever or stomach upset…

What are your plans???”


A tear spilled from my eye and ruffled on my cheek and I smiled. T hose beautiful days of schooling  flashed back.

How stupid were they?!

Not doing the homework and then waiting like a sheep there to get slaughtered! And persuading God to make the peon ring the bell!

Just nodding your head during the whole class, to prove the teacher that you are paying attention, even if you don’t get anything! And then she accidentally asks a question and then…! The embarrassing moment!

Your friends making you laugh when you read something to the class…those stupid, “hell! No! Control!” moments!

Passing chits to just say a “hi” and then getting involved in a full time gossips and threatening our partners to pass the chits, or else….!!!

Giving “unearthly” names to the teachers, and then using them so often, that we forget their real ones!  And then, mistakenly using them during the projects!!! Woof!

Eating a chewing gum in the class and getting caught! The full time show.

The eagerness to see the chits you get to pass, the craziness to eat our friend’s lunch, and the nervousness of getting the exam’s marks. And not to forget, after every problem, promising yourself you will never do it again and then-hah!!!   😀


Well, first benchers will never get this, sorry. They just lost a living.


But these memories just wash away themselves, or better say we forget them, busy in the present and future. Just never get time to recall and recollect these sweet fruitful memories of ours, when our work remained incomplete till the last minute, but life didn’t. When getting punished did hurt, but not for long. When we were not serious, but sincere, in some ways.


I just closed my eyes for a minute, left myself to the memories. Let myself get entangled in paradox for a moment, being “in the past, at present”.


Who says past always hurts?

It doesn’t, always.


Hey everyone! First of all, thanks for being here. I hope it wasn’t the waste of your time.

Thanks. Please comment/rate/follow/ or whatever. I m a human and it’s humane to do mistakes. I really regret if there’s any.

Please shower on  me your precious views, so I can make myself better. Please.


Snehal Sahay