A book has not just a cover to rate



Ten thousand miles away from you,

Doesn’t make me unknown to your bruises and pains

Ten thousand steps ahead of you,

Doesn’t stop me cheering at the rains.


Ten thousand times above your head,

Doesn’t take away my strength to fall and start all again

Ten thousand ways of meeting mess ups

Doesn’t make me familiar to all the deceptions in the game.


Ten thousand years of living life just,

Makes no one solemn expert and acute in the never ending treks

Ten thousand years of suffering and anguish has,

No contract over the demise of the joyful sparks.


A book has not just a cover to rate…

© 2013  Snehal Sahay


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Love is blind and dumb too….

The blue skies glisten with a tingle of purple in the bottoms and some pink scattered elsewhere bloomed in the evening, as I made my way to a bench near the slides. The park was my second favorite place to spend the evening, first being the beach, but it’s too far.

It was my daily schedule to come here at 5’ and chill out. I don’t believe in schedules myself, but still….

 I shot a glance to the couple sitting next to me. They were always there in the eve and I loved watching them together…just made for each other! Mushy and caring…so cute! “Aarav and Avnati” sound likes a couple, right? I had once talked to them, when I couldn’t hold my emotions in myself. They were the cutest couple I did ever see.

“ Hiii!! ” Aarav held out.

“Hey! Hello!” I said. But Avanati looked somewhat disturbed today. She just smiled a weak smile. An unknown boy came and they shook their hands and introduced. Avnati looked more offended.

What’s the matter? I was concerned. But then I turned to my books.  It’s their private matter, right? Why should I interfere?

“Concentrate” I said to myself.

Suddenly someone sat beside me. I looked up. It was Aarav.

“Hey! Sorry to disturb you. You can carry on.” He said with a smile.

“No. It’s no offense.” I smiled back.

“Who is he?” I said pointing to the new boy.

“Oh! He? He’s my friend, Sid.” He said.

I gave him a dead look. I thought he loved Avnati, then why did he leave his girl friend with his friend?

Hell! All these boys are same. Just don’t care.

He understood my expression and I composed myself. Stupid me!

“Umm….don’t get me wrong…I just wanted them to know each other…” he said scratching his head.

“Know each other “alone”, right?” I said stressing the “alone”. “How could you do that? And why? Don’t you see she is so nervous and uncomfortable? I mean, she is your girlfriend, right? And you leave her alone with another boy? Wow! Well done dear…” I smirked at him.

“No. you don’t understand. I love her and…”

“Oh! This is love?” I cut him in the middle. His eyes filled with tears. God! Why am I so angry? I mean….why?

“I m sorry….I didn’t mean that, but….its not…..” I lacked in words. What to say?

“No…you are right…but I will be dead someday, then she must have someone…” he said wiping his tears.

I laughed. God! Is he ok?

“Are you really that stupid? I mean, everyone will be dead one day…so what?”

He looked at me, “But I m not like everyone, I have blood cancer…doctors say I may die in an year or two…most probably, I may survive for two or three years…they are 99% sure that I can’t be cured… I don’t want her to waste her life after that for me…. I want to see her happy…and Sid is really good…we were best friends in the high school…they will be good together…”

I turned back at a laugh. Avnati laughed her heart out and Sid made a cute face at her.

I looked at Aarav, he was hurt, still looked happy. “I told you na….they will be good together…” he said smiling a weak smile.

I nodded. She is happy, but what about him? How will he pass his last days, seeing his love, loving his own friend?

It will surely hurt, I know. But suddenly a thought made my heart stop.


What if he gets cured and doesn’t die? If the medicines work out and save him?

The doctors succeed in saving him? After all, even impossible patients do survive.

Life is long. How would he live it with this strange trauma which he created himself?

Love is blind? Yes. And it is dumb too….


What could one wish for him now? Life or death?

I looked away. Why can’t life be simple?


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