There’s always a party at the door

When one is happy, things seem happier…the wind seems softer and musical. The clouds look fluffier. Flowers sway more, leaves seem brighter. Even the big clumsy child seems cute enough to hug!!! The crocking of the crow seems sweeter (oh! Did I say sweeter? Let me correct, “sweet”… LOL)

The darkness seems fading away even if it is night…life seems perfect!


There are always times in ones life when it seems perfect. There always will be, more than that.


When you would like to dive into the blue and go around chirping, fly around the woods playing, sleep in the arms of a beautiful dream and get up to the benevolent hug of your sweet love….


If things can be so sweet and “perfect” at one time and we can go through it so effortlessly, cant we live with the same smile when the things are “not-so-perfect” ?

Can’t we tell the stupid time, “Hey! Goofy girl! stop ranting! Fix your make up, go, and change…there’s going to be a party anytime…”

If we can drag our small sadness from days to weeks, can’t we carry the happiness a bit more?

Everyone knows there’s going to be a party at the door…

Is our happiness “too heavy” to carry a bit more?

Really sorry if it is….what a trouble!!! huh!  If its not…carry it man!!!


There is a party waiting at the door…

Isn’t it?


Go and check…



I was right naa?

Huh! I m always right…. B)


You still didnt check? What the hell man…go and check… 😦

Hahahahhaaaaa…. sorry for being so “brutal”.  😀  And  thanks for the read!!!

But dont you think our small small problems should not outcast our happiness???

I beleive it wont, let all of you and the whole world  have happiness alluring them….Enjoy the day!