My ideal is not the one person I can trust with closed eyes but whom I can trust with my open eyes and reason…













My ideal




When the forest is dense

The darkness wild

Shadows evolving

Light – surrendering

Just close your eyes

With all your might

And believe;

It is not eternal,

It will end-

One day

Some day.

Believe in change,

Believe in thyself,

Because you can

Change the world

World is from you,

So one word;





Just believe, in yourself,

 and the one

who creates and destroys.

Believe, that


is a better day..

Believe, that

come what may,

You will fight and strive

For better,

And better,

Moreover, will always.

Until you are,

Until the end

And a new beginning.




Love thee!

Enjoy and keep visiting!






What’s a dream which can’t be true

What’s a dream which can’t be true?

It’s just a waste of time,
A ship without a crew.
Thousands of ships do sail around,
Billions of them dead on the shore,
The world doesn’t care for the billions,
The thousands are due known more.
What’s a dream which can’t be true?
Just yesterday, I did hear someone say,
Dreams are dreamt to be true,
And you know something that-
Someone who can do that is you.
What’s a dream that can’t be true?
by Snehal Sahay (c)
Hey! A treat for all dreamers from my side. Give me a high five….! wooo! I m one of you too….!!!
Do you beleive in my thinking?
Sorry, it took a long time to post something, but didnt want to post any rubbish, so…this is it…
Enjoy! And dream biiiigggggggg!!!!!!!!
Comments??? any??? 🙂
Snehal Sahay ❤ 😀