Unfathomed delight

Is this just what it seems to be?
Or just another mirage, for my soul wants to loiter,
To stray; easy and free.
Against the odds, the conventions, the fears
Working is the hither struggling device
Is this not just another moment
In which my logic dies?

Not has been a moment of remorse
That I had seemed to bear in this course,
For I have looked upon everything
Just as a necessary price…
For lessons are to be learned, to be cherished, to bloom
And for that, this is a device.

© Snehal Sahay 2014


This day is really special



This day is really special

When I am special to everyone;

Even to them whom I amn’t…


This happiness is so divine

When I am happy without a reason;

Yet a reason so dominant…


This moment is so magnetic

When I am budding;

Even though I emerged years ago….


This day is really special…




Its my birthday today.

Thank you god for this beautiful year I had and the wonderful gift of life you gave me.



Enjoy the paradox!







Excess of excess



Courtesy : Google

Courtesy : Google

Excess of light

Causes fringes around


Is caused by excess of sound

Excess of love;

Blindly possessive it makes

Excess of learning;

Life spirit it takes…


Excess of everything

Is wicked for sure

One never pauses

Asking for more

Overflow of life

Is run-off of death

Desire for excess

Leads to existence of dread…



©2013 snehal sahay




Plenty of life is left even in the dead

But still the ones alive never live

Is it that living is too hard to be lived?

Or is it that life seldom sparks from the red…


Enjoy the paradox!

A book has not just a cover to rate



Ten thousand miles away from you,

Doesn’t make me unknown to your bruises and pains

Ten thousand steps ahead of you,

Doesn’t stop me cheering at the rains.


Ten thousand times above your head,

Doesn’t take away my strength to fall and start all again

Ten thousand ways of meeting mess ups

Doesn’t make me familiar to all the deceptions in the game.


Ten thousand years of living life just,

Makes no one solemn expert and acute in the never ending treks

Ten thousand years of suffering and anguish has,

No contract over the demise of the joyful sparks.


A book has not just a cover to rate…

© 2013  Snehal Sahay


Thanks for supporting everyone!

Enjoy the paradox!

Crests and troughs




Crests and troughs;

Do come and go

Sometimes high;

Sometimes low

Sometimes hesitating;

Sometimes sound

Sometimes cornered;

Sometimes round

Sometimes linger;

Sometimes do cease

Sometimes do let

The soul at ease…


They occur like the tides;

High and low

Sometimes just soothe;

Sometimes ruthlessly blow

They occur, did occur

And always will

They never time-out;

Or nor sit still…

They are some openings

Profound for glee

Representing  gearing up

For a fresh new-fangled destiny


So tides may dampen;

But tides don’t kill

Those crests and troughs;

Come and go uphill….

They just masquerade

Into a horrendous disguise

So one doesn’t see

The cloaked thing nice…

One keeps running away

Until it halts

And misses the splendor

Godsend. By one’s own fault…



Our problems do come with the solutions, don’t they? They even bring amongst them pristine changes, leading to a sunnier land… The only thing is, missing or denying them due to our misconceptions and fears for a it, or the small negative part it contains(on the cover)….isn’t it? Here guys! Happy New Year!!! And by the way, its 100th day of “entangled in paradox” on WordPress today!!! So, cheerssss!!!!!!!!!!!   ————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Unknown, unseen, unsolved


Unknown remains my identity

Unseen remains my passion

Unspoken remains my words

Unsolved remains my equation…


Always “made” my heart leap

When a new “doll” you got

Never did I cease to learn

When a new irrelevant lesson you taught…


Still involuntary, you knotted me

Into your beastly wrongs and rights

Still you enforced trapping me

Into your unearthly world of frights…


I still never looked right

Into your eyes, as you told

I was irrelevant when young

I remained the same when I got old…


Never did my eyes learned glow

When it saw the rain

Never did my words unrestricted flow

When it did severely pain…


I never asked a question. Never

Spoke against your will

Never lived “my” life here

Nonetheless cherished your still…


I never knew what it was that pained

I never got what you did gain

Out of these enormous extraneous feats

But I was wrong for all wrongs, I admit…


I never knew, I never needed to

I was eternally told

Rules are rules, “feminine” and strong

Prolonged and old…


I kept my head down

My voice discreet

My face someone’s personnel

My dreams, not for me…



Unknown remained my identity

Unseen remained my passion

Unspoken remained my words

Unsolved remained my equation…


And all it happened for the reason that

(As I was recapped, night and day)

I got infected via “feminity” before birth

In which sadly, I had no say…


[Note : Feminity is a virus that tells you “you are disgusting, rubbish, inauspicious etc.”]



Thanks for being a part of my paradox!