Myself, I lack

Happiness is not the only thing I lack

I carry a heavy weight, a sack

On my shoulders? No,

On my heart a bit, back

On my soul too

Some debt left due.

No, I don’t cry




No tears in my droughty eyes

No smile on the dark, low

Lips. They are never in bow…

Not only fear I lack

But a hand, that once was on my back.




My eyes are empty

Just like a deserted island

A ship left stagnant

In a similar icy cold stagnant sea

I don’t just lack hope

I lack love. My choice? Nope.




Those pale stones of skin

Those endless, noiseless breath

 Those water-less, emotionless eyes

 Those wild feelings left in dread.

 They just remind me,

How much more I lack…




 How much they made me lack…

 I still behave, as I hadn’t had a choice…

 I lack, even more than I do lack

I lack a pulse, I lack a voice

In my world, black and white

I don’t even own myself…my breath, my sight.




 Want to know what I lack?

Its myself I lack…




The picture made my heart stir and restless.

Out of that restlessness, this piece of poetry or prose, what ever you call it, came out. Just the very words my heart described the painting with.  All inspired by the picture, so the credit goes to it!

I just wish, I interpreted it right.

Hats off to the artist, who painted such a beautiful and heart-stirring master-piece on the canvas.




The hen’s friendship

Dear readers,

Please don’t kill or curse me for this! Mercy!


The hen’s friendship


Once upon a time a hen,

Went to befriend a crowd of men!


Played and danced in their sight for long

The foolish hen then sang a song!


Thinking the men will make him their friend

But the men had a different trend.


The chicken’s soup seemed better than friendship

And lo! They held the chicken in their grip.



Plucked its wings and twitched its head,

And for sure the hen was dead!!!


So the hen had the best of its day,

On the feast table, where his corpse did lay!


© 2010






Don’t kill me for posting it! LOL!

It might be funny and other “colorful” things, but this piece of poetry means a lot to me.(in a way)

Not because it says or depicts something great (which it doesn’t much), but there’s a very important incident of my life related.

I had written it in my last year of schooling, and it proved to topsy-turvy my whole left half-year(and made me famous too)…but let it pass.


Nevertheless, for you all…Humorous, that is it!

And there’s a moral too, let me see if anyone can guess.

A challenge for you all! 😉



(By the way, answer to my challenge. Anyone???)