When the forest is dense

The darkness wild

Shadows evolving

Light – surrendering

Just close your eyes

With all your might

And believe;

It is not eternal,

It will end-

One day

Some day.

Believe in change,

Believe in thyself,

Because you can

Change the world

World is from you,

So one word;





Just believe, in yourself,

 and the one

who creates and destroys.

Believe, that


is a better day..

Believe, that

come what may,

You will fight and strive

For better,

And better,

Moreover, will always.

Until you are,

Until the end

And a new beginning.




Love thee!

Enjoy and keep visiting!







What people think

We often waste our time, tears and soo much, for just the sake of “what people think” or “what would they think”.

And its really a mess that, do they even think?

If they would or did, I dont think they would ever interfare…

Live your life.

And note : live “YOUR” life…