Unknown, unseen, unsolved


Unknown remains my identity

Unseen remains my passion

Unspoken remains my words

Unsolved remains my equation…


Always “made” my heart leap

When a new “doll” you got

Never did I cease to learn

When a new irrelevant lesson you taught…


Still involuntary, you knotted me

Into your beastly wrongs and rights

Still you enforced trapping me

Into your unearthly world of frights…


I still never looked right

Into your eyes, as you told

I was irrelevant when young

I remained the same when I got old…


Never did my eyes learned glow

When it saw the rain

Never did my words unrestricted flow

When it did severely pain…


I never asked a question. Never

Spoke against your will

Never lived “my” life here

Nonetheless cherished your still…


I never knew what it was that pained

I never got what you did gain

Out of these enormous extraneous feats

But I was wrong for all wrongs, I admit…


I never knew, I never needed to

I was eternally told

Rules are rules, “feminine” and strong

Prolonged and old…


I kept my head down

My voice discreet

My face someone’s personnel

My dreams, not for me…



Unknown remained my identity

Unseen remained my passion

Unspoken remained my words

Unsolved remained my equation…


And all it happened for the reason that

(As I was recapped, night and day)

I got infected via “feminity” before birth

In which sadly, I had no say…


[Note : Feminity is a virus that tells you “you are disgusting, rubbish, inauspicious etc.”]



Thanks for being a part of my paradox! 










Tits and bits of a girl : Re-energized

For those who didnt, please read the first part of this poetry piece, “https://entangledinparadox.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/tits-and-bits-of-a-girl/“. Thankss!!!


Tits and bits of a girl : Re-energized


Into tits and bits you may break me apart,

But I grow again, god being my part!


Thou may place me into the laps of dead cold,

But I intensify, each day into a better mould.



It may look like a curse of me to exist,

Still I cheer and glorify amidst.


In woods or plains, fields or lawns

I hold my root, still not blown.


I still exist, everyday starting a new quest,

My eyes full of dreams, my soul fully blessed.



Yes, I am alive in the world of dead,

Nevertheless, I will survive, my tears wont shed.


I do linger through the woods,

I boil the veggies and the soup…


I am cut each day, burnt every minute,

But this won’t make my voice to stop or shut.



I am your mother, your wife, your daughter or sister,

Like the lovely flower of hope and love, in the wild season of winter.


I am born each minute, killed every second

But all your ill deeds wont let my heart weaken,

Moreover, I will live and love, until the end. (Me be a lover, a warrior, a mother, a friend)



I had got many views on my poetry piece, “Tits and bits of a girl”, and was told it was too dark and full of pain. It was meant tobe, but for my readers sake, I wanted to express the positive side(s) too, so here it is.



The positive and re energized, second part of “Tits and bits of a girl”.


Hope this took away all the darkness. (Please tell me if it did or not).





Tits and bits of a girl


Into tits and bits you break me apart,

and you sew me again by thy great art!


Thou place me into the laps of dead cold,

Same remains to me, I be young or old.


Its a curse for me to even exist,

a part of pain does always persist…


In either regions, or into the soul

Me be in them, you play foul…


I still exist, even after thy quest,

because I need to, for you to exist amidst.



I may be alive in the world, dead

in my eyes, tears shed.


But linger though in the woods,

I boil with the veggies and the soup…


I am cut each day, burnt each minute

I serve you all the way, in a mansion or a hut.



I may be your mother, your wife, your daughter or sister,

the world thinks of me as a material, a maid , a sinister…


I am born each minute, killed every second

Tell me, till when, will I manage to survive for you? Will I till the end?







Thanks for reading lovies!!!

Remain with me in my journey…