I know




I know, this moment will also pass

Once again, things won’t be so cross.


The winters won’t last for too long

The springs would soon, sing their song.


I know, these stiff ends won’t be always too gross

These thorns would end into the greenish, bluish moss.


The rough and moisture less air would once be tired,

These useless words and cults would cease from being fired. 


I know, once, these rough edges would get aligned

The peace of hearts and soul, we will once again find.


These colors of heartless hatred, they will get dissolved

These labels, these judgments, these diversities, will get enrolled.


I know this moment of weakness, will get unleashed

Once again, the flowers, the blooms will make them pleased.


Once again, someday, one day, we will be one

One earth, one sky, one color, one ocean, one “we” and the sun.


I know….

© 2012




I wish the day comes soon, when these diversities wont be “classes” or “creeds” or “’labels”, lower or higher, but just “one”.

One “we”. One world.

Where our birth won’t describe who we are, but as Martin Luther King Jr. said, “not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character”


Thanks for being here friends!


Speak out!

Enjoy our paradox!






Tits and bits of a girl : Re-energized

For those who didnt, please read the first part of this poetry piece, “https://entangledinparadox.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/tits-and-bits-of-a-girl/“. Thankss!!!


Tits and bits of a girl : Re-energized


Into tits and bits you may break me apart,

But I grow again, god being my part!


Thou may place me into the laps of dead cold,

But I intensify, each day into a better mould.



It may look like a curse of me to exist,

Still I cheer and glorify amidst.


In woods or plains, fields or lawns

I hold my root, still not blown.


I still exist, everyday starting a new quest,

My eyes full of dreams, my soul fully blessed.



Yes, I am alive in the world of dead,

Nevertheless, I will survive, my tears wont shed.


I do linger through the woods,

I boil the veggies and the soup…


I am cut each day, burnt every minute,

But this won’t make my voice to stop or shut.



I am your mother, your wife, your daughter or sister,

Like the lovely flower of hope and love, in the wild season of winter.


I am born each minute, killed every second

But all your ill deeds wont let my heart weaken,

Moreover, I will live and love, until the end. (Me be a lover, a warrior, a mother, a friend)



I had got many views on my poetry piece, “Tits and bits of a girl”, and was told it was too dark and full of pain. It was meant tobe, but for my readers sake, I wanted to express the positive side(s) too, so here it is.



The positive and re energized, second part of “Tits and bits of a girl”.


Hope this took away all the darkness. (Please tell me if it did or not).