light of the spirit




Like the downfall of the day

Darkness surrounded me all around

The wind blew cold and harsh

Making peculiar sounds…


I turned back, moved forward

But nothing could I see

The darkness eating me thoroughly,

I struggled to be free…


I refrained, cried, yelped for help

But it was darkness all it could be

Then out of anxiety I closed my eyes

And a line of light hit me…


I craved deep- deeper, deepest

I had ever-ever been

The light prevailed- bright, brighter, brightest!

Beyond I had ever seen…


I was clearer than the clearest crystal

More free than one would ever had been

The darkness outside vanished with that of inside

My world glittered with the brightest rainbow ever seen!













Excess of excess



Courtesy : Google

Courtesy : Google

Excess of light

Causes fringes around


Is caused by excess of sound

Excess of love;

Blindly possessive it makes

Excess of learning;

Life spirit it takes…


Excess of everything

Is wicked for sure

One never pauses

Asking for more

Overflow of life

Is run-off of death

Desire for excess

Leads to existence of dread…



©2013 snehal sahay




Plenty of life is left even in the dead

But still the ones alive never live

Is it that living is too hard to be lived?

Or is it that life seldom sparks from the red…


Enjoy the paradox!













Old, shattered, tattered

Are the remains of my quest

Blinking, shrinking, dropping

My eyes like the rest…


Pale, sulky, tender

My moods in a nest,

Unknown, unspoken, unaddressed

Still remains my quest…


Falling, preaching, still growing

My soul unlike the rest

Cornered, stinging, growling

Still paining is my quest…


Never forgot it, but never perceived

In the crowd of the mist

Time slips, but still it stands

Undone, unleashed, at its best…

Forgotten, in a way is my quest…






We often live a happy, cheerful, fruitful life…growing and learning what each moment has to offer, but still, we forget to do, or as we say, “lack in time” for what we were made and were meant… our own quest, what so ever it may be…

We may be surrounded by thousands of fruitful tasks and  be well distant, but does it not sting somewhere…somewhere, that we left it?


Do we need to find a room for it, or leave it in the best form ever…fresh and never touched?