The Broken Song

Broken is the word
Broken us the verb
That you can use for me
Its the thing that’ll set me free.
I’m broken, I’m in halves
A thousand times I’ve been ripped apart,
A thousand times I’ve been teared through,
A billion times I’ve come back though…
But life doesn’t stop, nor does the pain;
I have been kicked, thwarted, will be again.
Fall and crumble and break down,
And here, here, falls my crown
My crown, the broken, broken one
No, no, its no more any fun
But the day will pass, the next day may come,
When I’ll become again threesome:
With all vigour, my power, and strength
I may stand again, my feelings vent
And be the epitome of myself, more “me”
These broken parts stitched together, will make ‘me’ free, finally.

©Snehal Sahay 2015




It has been 16 years of our relationship-you and me. 16 years of compromising-fighting, debating and then finding that nothing can be done. 16 years are nothing petite – I have known you better each minute, each second, but still- I don’t understand you, neither I care to.

Each moment passes like an year.

It is you who holds my hand all the day and you who envelopes me all long the night-only you. My sight, my feelings, my aura -everything is yours by mandate – every known and unknown.

I won’t lie – I want to flee away from you – so


mewhere really far…but my destiny binds me. Where ever I go, I find you.

No-it isn’t love. It never will be.


They say you are my destiny, thus I have tried to be devoted to you, but never could.

No one can, no one will.

How can anyone, how can I? It’s you who eats my soul all the day and curses my dreams each night…you have taken my everything away from me – even my shadow……


I want to be free-can’t you get this? 16 years of our relationship, and you took away my everything – and I got simply nothing. My each breath struggles to be free; my each drop of blood yearns…

I have spent my nights crying in a nutshell and my days wearing a disguise of life. Why should I carry on? Why?

I didn’t choose you. What right do you have to rule on my life?

No, I am ending this finally- I am ending your unobstructed glory. I know, it will pain a lot, but I don’t care.

Some flashing strokes of light are knocking my door.



Yes, I am getting my colorful world back. I am getting my eyes back! Our 16 years of relation is going to end.

Yes, this is happening…finally, end of your tyranny.

Finally- after 16 years…

Adios darkness, I am engaging with colors…

I can see everything…i can see light!

Your rule ends…happy demise…



©2013 Snehal Sahay


This post is contributed to TRIFECTA WRITING CHALLENGE.


LIGHT (noun)


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The leibster award!!!



Thank you for this beautiful award here! Shakshi has been my earliest visitors and fellow blogger since my journey started. Visit her and you would be welcomed!


Now, before you try to guess what it means, like me, I would enlighten you;

Liebster is a German word and it means “sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.”



This is a biiiiiig compliment, really. 😀 Thank you sakshi vashist  for this amazing award!


So now, the questions she asked and their answers;

1.     Dreams or Fantasies? Why?
Dreams for sure! Dreams are those bits of cords, which are created by us…for real. (You might have known this for I so frequently write on it)
 I am a dreamer; dreams give me strength and purpose. And I give them existence!
2.     What would be the idea of a perfect gift for you?
Actually, I have no idea about it. I love books, chocolates, skates, watches, music accessories, technology and shoes…would love to get them as a gift. But I love teddies, cakes and cards too. So anything similar…may be?huh!
3.     The song you listen to most.
Songs…! 😀
Love them!
It depends upon my mood, but Rockstar album is my favourate so far. (Yup! I like Indian)
And there’s a whole list, so can’t choose.
4.     Define Life in 7 words.
Life can’t be defined, it’s a paradox!
(Perfect 7 words! Huh! 😉 )
5.     Two famous personalities you admire and why.
I have no favorites. I respect them all. 😀
6.     Is 13 lucky or unlucky?
That Julius Ceaser stuff?
Neutral maybe? No personnel experiences, so…amm?
7.     What irritates you the most?

A boring lecture at the college?

Or my younger sis squealing like a perfect teen on the TV.(she isn’t even a teen yet)

Or my Aunt who just can’t help herself from complaining about her “big” life problems? (Those which I have heard a MILLION times)

I have many more…you choose. 😦



Now, the nomination;









My questions!!!

  1. Name you fav color and reason. (I know its childish, but you need to..)
  2. Your best memory till now.
  3. What is life according to you?
  4. Do you  believe in ghosts???? Explain in DETAIL.
  5. Favourite 5 books!
  6. What thing instantly makes you smile?
  7. Aim of life???(if not, why)


So here, have a great day ahead, and ping me when you post it…need to know your answers!!! 😉 





It brings me closer to me



Touch a string

Pluck a chord

Play it on

Let myself be heard…


Adding an unknown

In an unseen

Feeling the invisible

The one I have really been…


Being the raw

Key of a guitar

Taking the silence

Of solitude afar…


Clutching in my arms

And then letting it free

Entangling it in my fingers, around

Letting myself just be “me”…


Kissing the pouring rain and bliss

Of enduring notes and rhymes

Taking a deep mesmerizing dip

Away from the ocean of times…


Plucking a small shining chord

Humming an unknown tune

Speaking some unspoken words

Being my life’s own queen…



It brings me closer to me.







I love music!!! It’s like the world to me! My passion, my release, my love, my soul and much more.

What about you? What is it to you?



Thanks for being a part of my paradox!




What people think

We often waste our time, tears and soo much, for just the sake of “what people think” or “what would they think”.

And its really a mess that, do they even think?

If they would or did, I dont think they would ever interfare…

Live your life.

And note : live “YOUR” life…




There’s always a party at the door

When one is happy, things seem happier…the wind seems softer and musical. The clouds look fluffier. Flowers sway more, leaves seem brighter. Even the big clumsy child seems cute enough to hug!!! The crocking of the crow seems sweeter (oh! Did I say sweeter? Let me correct, “sweet”… LOL)

The darkness seems fading away even if it is night…life seems perfect!


There are always times in ones life when it seems perfect. There always will be, more than that.


When you would like to dive into the blue and go around chirping, fly around the woods playing, sleep in the arms of a beautiful dream and get up to the benevolent hug of your sweet love….


If things can be so sweet and “perfect” at one time and we can go through it so effortlessly, cant we live with the same smile when the things are “not-so-perfect” ?

Can’t we tell the stupid time, “Hey! Goofy girl! stop ranting! Fix your make up, go, and change…there’s going to be a party anytime…”

If we can drag our small sadness from days to weeks, can’t we carry the happiness a bit more?

Everyone knows there’s going to be a party at the door…

Is our happiness “too heavy” to carry a bit more?

Really sorry if it is….what a trouble!!! huh!  If its not…carry it man!!!


There is a party waiting at the door…

Isn’t it?


Go and check…



I was right naa?

Huh! I m always right…. B)


You still didnt check? What the hell man…go and check… 😦

Hahahahhaaaaa…. sorry for being so “brutal”.  😀  And  thanks for the read!!!

But dont you think our small small problems should not outcast our happiness???

I beleive it wont, let all of you and the whole world  have happiness alluring them….Enjoy the day!






What are wars? Why do they happen? Can’t be they ended permanently? Why is a deed, such done, that it leads to war? What are the consequences? What is the result?

These are the questions, which all of us study in our history lessons, for whole of our childhood, and answer in almost every exam. What, why, when, where, how, why not, whom etc etc…they are all the materials of our history books from classes 6 to 9.

Now one question again, why do we study history, mumbling the dates and events, names of the rulers and their reign and all the long lessons? Well, we were taught, that the study of history is not just the study of dates and events, but also why and how things happened and what can be done to further check these events from spoiling our future.

Every 6th to 9th standard child knows the answer to these questions, but wars still prevail….small or big…. 😦


Haven’t we been taught that wars are wastage of time, money, resources and human life?

Has ever a war led happiness to the commoners? Why do they happen? Many people have questioned me on my questioning them. They say, “You write, consider yourself a writer, then why do you ask us what can be done, what needs to be done, why things happen…you should tell us the answers….” Well, I really agree to your questions, why have I spent half the page questioning you all? Why don’t I straight away tell you all what needs to be done…why?

Well, actually I am myself greatly tensed about this serious health problem of mine. I ask questions but seldom give the answers. Sorry, if you could not find my answers, because I thought I already told you.


Sorry for the late delivery of my thoughts and answers. It is just a failure of my machinery.



Let me come to the point. Therefore, my solutions are-

1) We need to prohibit the teaching of history in classes. Why do we need to waste money studying a subject that teaches us all about the problems and solutions to a thing but still leaves us without a solution?

2) Make people wear sunglasses, because sometimes, just a wrong eye contact starts a war.

3) Add wars in categories of diseases like diabetes, high/low B.P. , heart attacks…once it occurs, it will occur again and again and there is no cure to it.


So let it go on.


There are other ones, but I will explain them later on.

I have accepted the fact, wars happen even after us being so much “educated” with the concepts of wars, losses, humanity distressed, children left homeless, and all great things of relic…so, even after studying so much about wars, if we have to forget those lessons, I have a final and most important suggestion, stop the history lessons. They are the culprits.

Thank you.


Sorry readers for not updating since long.

I really apolozise for the delay. Will try to be regular in the course. Thanks for reading!

And please note; none of the pictures belong to me unless otherwise stated.

Enjoy the day.