image courtesy : Google


When those gentle pairs of fingers

Touched my dampened soul

A shriek for life grew within my corpse

My mass, tattered and cold…


She held my finger and didn’t let go off

Cuddling like a bloom

Her eyes opened and met my old gaze

Pampering my unpromising room…


The shabby room then lit like a fortress of destiny

My princess gleamed like a gem

Her shimmering eyes with silky shrilly hairs girdled

Like the sun veiled with a cloudy frame…


courtesy: google

 courtesy : Google


Her hands waved in the air around

In some type of magical glamour

Entangling with the wires of my dome

Leaving me to mere blubber…


Her cheerful giggles and outraged cries

Infecting the melancholic existence of mine

Setting the birds of nostalgia gratis

Made me something of a shine…


Her crystal brown dreamy eyes

Her sparkling adorable laughter like wine

Made my life infected with love

Unconditional, noble and purely divine.





Snehal Sahay






This post is written under the Trifecta Writing challenge



Enjoy the paradox!










33 thoughts on “Infected

  1. Sini says:

    Beautiful words dripping with amazing tenderness. Only children can make us feel special and inspired. They are truly magical because they transform us from our ordinariness.

    • Snehal Sahay says:

      True Sini…children are the most precious gems of god…they are the most divine and pure souls. Even stones cant deny the fact that they infect our sternness changing it to gentleness in a flow…

      The most precious gift one can dream of…

  2. atrm61 says:

    What a soul stirring ,lovely piece this is Snehal!Loved it!:-)

  3. christina says:

    oh this is so very beautiful. makes me wanna rush to my Lovie’s school and scoop her up into my arms right this moment!

  4. that was beautiful! you are truly a fantastic writer, it read so smoothly! ❤

  5. This is simply stunning!

  6. Draug419 says:

    Such a lovely, tender piece.

  7. Megan Eccles says:

    Beautiful. I remember the first moment my son’s fingers wrapped around my own, and how in those few seconds he stole my heart and changed my life. I may have teared up a little!

    • Snehal Sahay says:

      Thats amazing how to spell it. They are indeed the purest and most divine souls…a touch may turn a stone to a bud…
      I hope your tears were of happiness… don’t want to do the sin of making a beautiful mum like you cry. 😀

  8. soumyav says:

    Wonderfully done Snehal! pure and fabulous

  9. pseudomonaz says:

    The background image is making it difficult to read anything. 😦

    • Snehal Sahay says:

      I think it may be the slow internet connection Mona(for I face it many times). I am utterly sorry for it, wish you will visit again.


      • pseudomonaz says:

        Finally i could read it and the poem is great. Earlier it was all hazy. It must be my connections fault and i thought it was the background image. I am sorry.

        • Snehal Sahay says:

          Thank god you enjoyed it.
          No, you dont need to be sorry at all…I have faced the same problem at times and complained just like you…that was why I knew it wasn’t the background image. Its all ok. 😀

          Enjoy and keep visiting!

  10. TheImaginator says:

    I really felt like I could imagine being that old man and being lit up by the joy of my grand-kid. Great poem.

  11. Hello poet, this is the most beautiful work you have presented so far

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