Introduction to poetry writing


So many times, we want to know, “how to write a poem”. Well, I will post about it next time, but before that, one must know, what exactly a poem is. I’m not talking about its definition of course, you may find that too much on the web. We are talking what it is, what it is meant to be.

Poetry is a way of expression, a way of demonstration of ones way of thinking and reasoning, ones conflicts…a window to what one is. It works on social issues, the way the society thinks and the way it should.

 How often we may deny it, poetry films the poet (Though only a part).

Now, what a poem consists of;

1)     Rhyme

2)   Metre and Scales

3)    Puns and other literary criticism (or plain straight)



Rhymes have been an important part of the poetry since time immemorial. From nursery rhymes to classical Shakespeare to “Daffodils” and till date, how we love rhymes!

AA, ABAB, AABB, ABCB, or a more complex one, rhyme is something that makes us sing the whole thing and makes it pass smooth like butter.

If you don’t write in rhyme, no problem…but rhyme is certainly amazing…!





Metre and Scales. Well, if one doesn’t follow rhyme, following a scale is quite an advantage. If you follow both, wow!

Personally, I never look much at scales, but sometimes a perfectly composed scale draws my attention like a splendid rose in the bush and then I go gaga over it.

 Metres obviously are one of the important shining elements of poetry(not much easily found), and it is amazing to write in one.



Puns and other literary criticism

Look, let me be straight forward, without puns, paradoxes, hyperbole, oxymoron, alliteration, irony, etc……it sucks at times.

If you just write, “I have a dog and it is brown in color” it is not a poem.

Everything is not a poem.

No puns or literary criticism is like, ok (but seriously…no criticism??), but you must have something there that says more than your words. At least make them think a bit. A plain straight poem with not much literary criticism has become one of the favorite tastes of today, but again; do make them think a bit. Make them learn a bit.



A poem without any of the three mentioned above (Rhymes, metres, literary criticism), is not likely to be appreciated much.

Though being a good poet does not depend only on these for sure.



So, if you are on for being a poet or writing a poem, go straight, but leave some voids for your readers to stop, think, reason, judge and appreciate. Make it adorable, but never compromise with the truth…for truth is what literature should be.

Have any questions? Do not agree to this article? Do comment and fight back!


32 thoughts on “Introduction to poetry writing

  1. Many Grenon says:

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  2. Baju Bayi says:

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  3. You make some excellent points here, Snehal. Not all poetry is deep but nonetheless is a genre designed to transport the reader into another level of exploration. I love well applied rhyme and though many scorn its use, it engages in its own unique way.

    Also appreciate your visit to my blog. Come back soon! –Your friendly astro-numerologist 🙂

    • Snehal Sahay says:

      Thanks Rayora! Yes, not all poetry is deep, but it conveys a meaning…even those jolly-little famous poetry pieces like DAFFODILS have so much of reflection within…

      Your blog is really good, will be back soon in some time.
      Keep visiting! Enjoy!

  4. Papizilla says:

    Reblogged this on The Ranting Papizilla.

  5. shivprasad says:

    Nice to know about it, as such till now I haven’t thought of writing the same poetry when I do…

    • Snehal Sahay says:

      Sorry, pardon me. I didnt get you.
      By the way thanks for giving me your precious time!

      • shivprasad says:

        I mean, you said about the rhymes, metaphors, puns etc… Whenever I give a shot at writing a poetry, these things never come in my mind.. I just right whatever comes at that instance…. and just think about the final outcome which comes in… hence I said it was nice to know about the things what you have said..!!

        • Snehal Sahay says:

          Writing is indeed penning your heart, but most of them do contain these and should. No point of calling a paragraph a poem (even free verses do have puns, alliterations, etc).

          Thanks for visiting.

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  8. A good site to base on.

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  10. phoenixrisesagain says:

    Thanks for the link to my blog

  11. pseudomonaz says:

    Going by these standards, the things i write won’t be called poems at all. Or may be bad poems. 🙂

    • Snehal Sahay says:

      Well, it is just one way of it…there are thousand more things to keep in view. I always forget these things, but at last, the output is one of these at least.
      I also said, “….do make them think a bit. Make them learn a bit….” and “…Though being a good poet does not depend only on these for sure….”

      And after all, you cant be just an epitome of rules… 😉

  12. soumyav says:

    Ha ha! A real tough time for me ! for I never follow anything,just my heart to write! 🙂 whatever happens is just a co incidence!

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