Crests and troughs




Crests and troughs;

Do come and go

Sometimes high;

Sometimes low

Sometimes hesitating;

Sometimes sound

Sometimes cornered;

Sometimes round

Sometimes linger;

Sometimes do cease

Sometimes do let

The soul at ease…


They occur like the tides;

High and low

Sometimes just soothe;

Sometimes ruthlessly blow

They occur, did occur

And always will

They never time-out;

Or nor sit still…

They are some openings

Profound for glee

Representing  gearing up

For a fresh new-fangled destiny


So tides may dampen;

But tides don’t kill

Those crests and troughs;

Come and go uphill….

They just masquerade

Into a horrendous disguise

So one doesn’t see

The cloaked thing nice…

One keeps running away

Until it halts

And misses the splendor

Godsend. By one’s own fault…



Our problems do come with the solutions, don’t they? They even bring amongst them pristine changes, leading to a sunnier land… The only thing is, missing or denying them due to our misconceptions and fears for a it, or the small negative part it contains(on the cover)….isn’t it? Here guys! Happy New Year!!! And by the way, its 100th day of “entangled in paradox” on WordPress today!!! So, cheerssss!!!!!!!!!!!   ————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


4 thoughts on “Crests and troughs

  1. Nice poem! And congrats for completing 100 days on wordpress.

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