Hey! All my friends, I want you all to go to this link ,http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?283425, an article by Shuddhabrata Sengupta . 

Here’s a short part of it;





Dear young men and women of Delhi. There are things you can do to stop rape.

  • Shame any man who casually passes misogynist, sexist, remarks.  Shame all those cowards who try to humiliate anyone because of the way their bodies or desires are. Shame them in public.
  • Young women, do not retreat from public space. Take back the night. Insist on being out and about. Insist on the conditions that enable your safety. Ask why there are no women bus drivers, women cab drivers. Ask what the Delhi police is doing to punish misogynist officers and constables.
  • Young women, please understand that when you hear songs that are violent and misogynist, you can choose to boycott the radio stations and recording companies that put them out. Leave a party or a celebration that plays a Honey Singh song. If you are young man who is a friend of a young woman at any such gathering, leave the celebration with your friend. Call the radio stations, phone in and demand that they stop playing misogynist songs.
  • Demand more public transport. Demand a thousand more buses that ply all night. Demand a metro system that stays open late into the night. Demand street lighting. Ask why the car lobby in Delhi can systematically stymie the expansion of public transport in Delhi. If there are not more public buses and metro trains, understand that those who run this city are responsible for rape and assault.
  • Take your traditions seriously, and recognize that every religion teaches the subjugation and humiliation of women. Ask men and women of religion what they are going to do to recognize the misogyny in their traditions, to confront and challenge them. Insist that under no conditions can any woman pollute anything around her. insist that women are not property. Not of their fathers, brothers, boy-friends or husbands. Not of the state. Not of God. Understand that people can never be property and must never be viewed as such. Combat and confront anyone who says they can be.
  • Shame and expose those politicians and police or army officers who try to cover up cases of sexual assault and rape in Kashmir and the North East and elsewhere. Do not create a hierarchy of more and less important victims.
  • Young men, decide now, and for all time, that you will treat the women you encounter first of all as friends, as equals, as people who have as much right to your city as you. Learn to respect a woman’s right to pleasure. To her right to say yes and no. Do not think that ‘no’ means ‘yes’.
  • Young men, if you confront a situation in which any man harasses another woman, or any other person, make sure that you will stand up and protest, call attention to what is going on,  and make sure that this stops.
  • Young men, and young women, do not reduce the matter of confronting rape and molestation to one of asking the attacker whether or not he has ‘sisters and daughters’ at home. Rapists prey on their sisters and daughters just as easily as they do on strangers.
  • Young men and young women, do not ever let anyone tell you that under any circumstances, that your life is not worth living.

I hope you change Delhi forever. I hope that the rest of the country follows your example.



Please read it friends….its worth your time…(http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?283425)




13 thoughts on “

  1. Adam S says:

    The world is changing socially, very slowly, very steadily — and for the better. I hope that your country continues this trend of betterment, and I truly hope for a better and brighter future for the women in the place that you call home.

    There’s been a lot of press over here about one of the most recent events, and it’s just not right. I can sympathize fully. Best of luck.

    • Snehal Sahay says:

      I know…and its not right..its WRONG. Words cant describe…
      But the important thing is, its just only one incident…it came into news…was just ******. but there are many more…some worst than this…just Google search it and you will get that…

      We are changing, but its the society that is holding us, for no good…one cant take a breath without this austere society’s ill felonies…

      Thanks, its luck what we need, and more over, courage and determination….
      Thanks Adam! And happy new year once again!

  2. Matrone Bell says:

    I like this point especially. Young men, and young women, do not reduce the matter of confronting rape and molestation to one of asking the attacker whether or not he has ‘sisters and daughters’ at home. Rapists prey on their sisters and daughters just as easily as they do on strangers. It is a point that many people don’t consider and that I was happy to see brought out. Thank you for sharing this post.

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