Old, shattered, tattered

Are the remains of my quest

Blinking, shrinking, dropping

My eyes like the rest…


Pale, sulky, tender

My moods in a nest,

Unknown, unspoken, unaddressed

Still remains my quest…


Falling, preaching, still growing

My soul unlike the rest

Cornered, stinging, growling

Still paining is my quest…


Never forgot it, but never perceived

In the crowd of the mist

Time slips, but still it stands

Undone, unleashed, at its best…

Forgotten, in a way is my quest…






We often live a happy, cheerful, fruitful life…growing and learning what each moment has to offer, but still, we forget to do, or as we say, “lack in time” for what we were made and were meant… our own quest, what so ever it may be…

We may be surrounded by thousands of fruitful tasks and  be well distant, but does it not sting somewhere…somewhere, that we left it?


Do we need to find a room for it, or leave it in the best form ever…fresh and never touched?







8 thoughts on “Forgotten

  1. soumyav says:

    lovely lines ! and it was like cuddling in nest wth the thoughts

  2. Malena says:

    I think the main thing is not to forget the soul. 🙂 I especially loved this part “My moods in a nest.” To me, it projects many different thoughts, ideas, emotions and imagery.

    • Snehal Sahay says:

      You are right Malena, but it implies different for different people…or may be, they make it imply differently…
      But heart and soul mustn’t be forgotten, ever.

      And thanks…its one of my personnel favorites too…

      • Malena says:

        Yes, it’s what people’s brain do that make them interpret poetry and their meaning, as simple as this might sound, sometimes we forget this. 🙂 Your poem certainly inspired me to think. Thanks

        • Snehal Sahay says:

          Its a pleasure of mine. And one writes a poetry keeping many different things in mind…it starts meaning many more different things after that, but when the people understand “the” meaning the poet wanted to express, the poet gets a satisfaction…and I got one here! You are welcomed by pleasure!

          • Malena says:

            🙂 That;s a compliment to someone like me, I tend to be worried if I am “right or wrong” but this time I took the plunge. I hope to read more of your poetry soon.

            • Snehal Sahay says:

              Yes, it is! 😉 And BTW, never worry on the topic of being “right or wrong” till your heart says its right…our intuition is the best guide in the run…

              And you can go into the archives and read my previous poetry pieces if you would like to…there are plenty there…

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