The Delhi case on fire…


My pen is silent these days. I do not feel like writing or doing any such sort of business … the silence has surrounded me.

The silence and the shame.

The guilt.


Worthless. Worthless is my existence.


A 23 year old girl was brutally raped and assaulted in Delhi, and is suffering the worst…a situation I can never imagine…neither want to… who would?

And I’m silent. Just quiet.

My pen is immovable.


Not that I don’t want to speak…but I don’t know what to speak.


There are too many things I want to say but my emotions drown my words. I break down every time I speak. My fingers tremble.

My eyes cloud.

I’m having nightmares.

I cry without a reason.


Is this what a girl is made for? To be trashed? To be assaulted? To be raped?

Since the time a girl is born, she faces discrimination. Every girl.

Yes, every one of them.


Some take it as a fate and live happily ever after. Some don’t and still live.

The we learn the “golden rules of girlhood”. The superior/inferior business.

More than half of the girls never take a decision of their lives by themselves….but leave it.

Come to the point.




Why is the word so “prejudiced”?

Why do the criminals only get much to much “7 years imprisonment”?

Why are we so “ashamed” in discussing it?

How can someone give an “invitation”?

How are the victim’s clothes responsible?

How is the time of the day responsible?



Does/Can a random person do these brutish things? Can you do it?


Heaven’s sake these questions did not burn loud this time, because the crime was …. don’t think we have a right word for it.  The world’s whole curse can’t would be less.


Delhi is burning with marches, revolts and protests. People are working. Media is working. Police is working. We are working.


Where were we when it could be stopped?


Just telling you in one sentence, if the girl was wearing a “skirt” or something, she would be blamed half the time.

Yes. This is the reality.

Our world’s reality.


Bloody hell….


Tomorrow, another piece of news will flood the channels.

These marches will stop. These forces will scatter. These tweets, blogs will end. The fields would be empty.

If she survives, all she would get is worthless pity.


Worthless? No. it will make her life worse than now.


When I heard the news, I said to my best friend, “I wish she makes it out…god bless her…”

She gravely replied, “It would be better if she dies….or she will die each moment she lives….she will be a living corpse…”


I was shocked, but somewhat agreed too. I didn’t want her to die, but even couldn’t think of a good happy life after this.


I read yesterday, “she wants to live…”.


It struck to me. I am mentally slapping myself every second for agreeing ever to my friend a bit.

Who am I to decide or even think/discuss whether she has a happy life or not?  Who are we?



I salute that girl.


I just pray she lives a long and happy life. She lives, not just survives.

Her intestines might never let her have food in her whole life. She would rely on liquid, if she makes it out. These thoughts might never leave her. Those shadows might haunt her.


But I pray to god, she MUST live. Live for her dreams, for ours too.


 Why do these things ever happen? Why?

“Cant men have a sense?”


I have heard and seen people saying/holding boards saying Teach your sons to respect, not rape”.


 I have seen boys boiling about it. “All boys are not rapists.”


True, but some definitely are. A rotten apple rots all.


Can’t we do something? Shouldn’t we?




I see a very drastic situation in the future, a very drastic…when there will be riots.

Sounds dramatic?

I don’t say who will win, who will lose, for only inhumanity wins a riot. But if this doesn’t stop, those won’t stop either.


For when tolerance breaks…patience breaks…lives break.


Just wish things get under control before time takes its toll….



Is there a way out? Humanity is losing hope….



Do you have a hope?

 Another important question, what is the suitable  punishment for such a crime?


Is there one?









18 thoughts on “The Delhi case on fire…

  1. Sharmishtha says:

    rape victims are made feel guilty as if they were criminals, rapists are allowed to slip away from too big nets.

  2. jigarshah27 says:

    Its the whole human race and society. Pain is injected into people in every possible way. Or say any possible way. The shameless act of harming women is there from ages. Read up history! Go 1000 years back. Or any number of years. I hate the entire society! It has nothing to offer other than Pain

    • Snehal Sahay says:

      It has much to offer other than pain…it has to offer the girl who has the strength, the will to live a “happy” life even after such an accident or incident, what ever you call it…it has to offer people like her friend who was assaulted but stayed for her…it has to offer people who dont know her, but still care and pray for her…it has to offer people who hate these crimes and have a will and heart to speak….

      We are ashamed, but we wont take it as an end…
      we will fight, for we need to, till the end, and a new begging…

  3. Tapish says:

    Hey i just posted a comment. unable to see it after a few reloads. And WP is detecting that as a duplicate comment. Lemme know if it gets posted.

  4. pseudomonaz says:

    You know when i actually heard about the whole incident, i thought she must die, i didn’t want her to live in this brutal world, i shivered at the thought of how her life would be if she survives. But then i heard the same news, when she told her mom that she wants to live, and i cursed myself. She is actually a really brave girl. I hated myself for praying for her death. I realised how weak i am. Since that moment i am praying for her to live and have a great life, i really wish for that!

    • Snehal Sahay says:

      I actually never prayed for her death, I wanted her to live…wanted things to get better, but when my friend said that she would be a living corpse, I was perplexed…I said, “hmmm….pata nahi yaar….mai kya kahu, but may be you are right…she might be better dead…may be…”.
      You know, I am haunted by an unknown guilt…It stings me deep…..

      • pseudomonaz says:

        I was just thinking about our Indian society, you know they are always gonna blame the girl.Usne ye kiya, late night bahar kyun thi, its all her karam, i know there’ll be so many people in our country who would think like that.I was worried about ki if she survives, ye sab sunna pdega. But then i heard about the fighting spirit of the girl and i prayed for her life.
        You know the worst part about this case, it has affected eveyone, you know everytime i walk on the road, every autowallah,sabjiwallah seems like a potential rapist. Its so hard to live in this society.

        • Snehal Sahay says:

          Its the same with me. And delhi is upsetting…I am not a coward and always stand up against these…
          Delhi has been my dream land…but now, I dont know….

          And yes…they will. Our clothes, time, ways, manners…all not so important things cover up the crime…they say people get “tempted”, if it was so, every second person would be a rapist and every girl wearing denim/revealing clothes / coming home late night/ every GIRL must have been raped. Its that simple, isnt it?

          You know what, people always ignore eve-teasing and whistles and ched-khani, not to fall in trouble, but then, the criminals get more confidence and the results are these inhumane cases…

          • pseudomonaz says:

            True.. you know i was one of those who always thought delhi to be a friendly place, i always wanted to stay in Delhi. Fate has other plans for me so i ended up in bangalore and i can tell you its heaven. its been 6 months since i shifted back to north india and i havn’t stepped out alone, i was so independent there and here i feel so unsafe. Eve teasing is taken so normally here. its like thank your stars you were just teased and not raped. I miss my independence. In my 7 years stay in bangalore i experienced only 2 incidents of eve teasing. Here i experience it everyday even though i go out with my mom.I didn’t want to make it a north south issue but it is how i’ve experienced it.

            • Snehal Sahay says:

              Its true dear. Its all about “India” and the “world”. We MUST NOT ignore it. I am really sorry for the girls who dont answer back…
              even if one says he/she would do it on their behalf, they run away saying, “Its normal…we are girls….why to exasperate it?…we dont wanna invite trouble…”

              so conservative is our mind….we need vents…

              even mothers say,”wear these jeans and skirts…these tight tops….what else will happen..” though it even happens with women in salwaar and BURKA.


              • Tapish says:

                Shameful. Horrendous. Henious.
                These words fall short of their meaning when used for these men. The govt has no answers, nor does the society. There’s a part of society, like us who truly believe what they say when they talk about respect for women, and the other part, where people don’t mean what they say. inside, they are still the same part of our male patriarchal society, dominated, de-powered, biased and discriminated.
                We blame things on govt, but it’s we who elect those bunch of eunuchs out there. Most of the MP’s and MLAs have sexual charges against them.
                And to be precise, majority of us don’t even vote. Those who vote, are already the part of the other section of the society. They turn the law breakers into law makers. And we blame the govt. It’s we who have to take blame on ourselves.
                We need to change, change almost everything. Things are still in our hands. We need to take a stand. we have to defeat them, the way they want and I believe, in few years, we will see that change.
                Long live the revolution!

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