Scene 1: Amidst the stars


He looked into those crystal-clear eyes, those black radiating shining pearls that twinkled like stars in a bright night sky.

Her smile induced a sweet alluring aura in the cold hazy air.

He got a bit closer to her, but trying to maintain the “legitimate” gap.

“I love you…really…” He purred into her ears.

“How do I believe? All guys are the same…they break promises…” She said in a low monotonous tone.

“But I won’t. I will do anything for you Aalia…anything…” He said.

“Anything?” She taunted him.

“Anything and everything…I will always be on your side…” He said valiantly.

“Really? Awwww…so cute Aarav….love you too…” She said hugging him.

He hugged her back getting away from the world around…..




Scene 2: next day,

                The phone beeped and beeped, crawling on the topsy-turvy bed.

No reply.

She tried again.

No reply.


No reply.


No reply.

She threw her cell on the floor which broke into pieces….



“Hey baby…sorry, was in the bath room, didn’t hear the ring…” he said putting away the wet towel.

“Oh? Really?”


“Do you think I am a fool?” she squealed in a high-pitched tone.

“No…why would I? I was seriously in the bathroom…I swear…”

“But you could have responded…”

“I was in the bathroom…the cell was here on my bed..”

“You COULD HAVE responded…”

“Enough man! I already said sorry…”

“Oh! Yes! Sorry? You promised me that you would never leave a call from me…”

“I didn’t do it…was in the bathroom….now don’t be a jerk…get that? Bloody bullshit man…”

“Jerk? Me a jerk? And bullshiii….How dare you…you will pay for that…”

“Really? Pay…?” he said playfully.

“Yes…you…I will kill you…”

“Awww….so sweet babes….” He giggled aloud.

“I m not kidding…tell you…how dare you…”

“Ohk…sorry…now end it…its too much already….need to go…”



“All boys are the same…I knew…you cheat…”

“What the hell girl! Have you called me to have a fight?…grow up….hell…”

“What? Ohk…leave it…Come to my house at 8, I have a surprise for you…” she cooed.

“Really? Are you ok? I mean…you were just angry and…”

“Sharp 8”

“Amm…ok…and sorry but…”




The call gets disconnected from the other side. He looks at his phone, confused.

Is the girl right at her head?

Are all girls like this? May be yes.





Scene 3: the night



“Hey! Welcome!” she squired and caught his hand, pulling him in.

“Thanks…and sorry for the day….but I was taking a bath, seriously…” He said hugging her.

“It doesn’t matter to me now…” She chirped, “I have planned things…”

“What? Oh! That’s so nice of you…And what was my surprise?” he said eagerly.

“You need to have patience love…” She winked.

He looked at her amused. Wow!

Weird at that again!


After 2 hours

“Hey! I think I will go…its already 10:16 … the roads are not safe these days at night…” he said looking at his watch.

“But I didn’t give you your gift..” she said lazily.

“Next time girly. The food was amazing….And you looked great..” he smiled kissing her cheek.

“Thanks. But wait for sometime….” She said blushing.

“No….I need to go…” he said getting up.

“Wait for some time…please…” she cooed.

“Nope…not today…meet you tomorrow…bye gorgeous…”

“You need to stay…” she cried at him.

“Why are you shouting? We’ll talk tomorrow…Bye” He said opening the door.

“No…” She shouted standing in front of the door.

He looked shocked, not being able to understand her mood swings.

“Dear, I had a work to do which I left in half… and the roads aren’t safe even…so I need to go…” He tried to be calm.

“No…you promised me you would do anything for me…so don’t go…”

“I would do that, but at the time, I need to go…so, may I?”

“NO…..” She shouted like a 3-year old child.

He laughed and hugged her.

“Bye… love you…” he kissed her on her forehead and went for the door.

He fell down with an unbearable pain in his head.

He touched his head,


Too much of blood.

All bloody.

He was taken aback.

He looked around and saw his love with a hammer in her hand. Bloody at that.


“Wha…” he tried to question.

“Because you all deserve it. Yes…you do. You make promises and break them…You are losers…”

“But what di….”

She screamed and hit him hard again with the hammer, on his face this time.

“Didn’t answer my call even…talked to me rudely…but leave it… I told you…I had plans…”

She hit him a third blow, on his hands this time.

He cried in pain.

She tried to hit him again, but he forced her away and she fell down. The hammer hit her on the head.

She fell down, motionless…

They fell down, motionless.


Everything stopped.



Chapter 4: 12:34 am



He got up, his world swinging. He looked around. Bloody.

All bloody around, the floor drenched with his blood. His clothes drenched in his own blood and his love…drenched in her own blood.


He tried to get up, but useless. He turned his head towards his love who lied there, motionless.

His eyes struck with a zombie…bloody, twisted, horror in his eyes, crawling on the floor. He looked deeper.

It was him.

He looked at the figure in the mirror, shocked beyond belief, but not more than he was, when his own “girl” hit him thrice.

His face was bloody, flesh showed up here and there…the second blow made him, from the handsome cute guy, to the zombiec creature.

He looked down, not able to stand that show.

The air was filled with unknown noises…very dark…very deep. The rustling of leaves, oozing of winds, and barking of stray dogs, all added to the monotonous atmosphere.

He tried to get up, yet again, but no. He was too broken to stand up on his feet again, so quickly. Both physically and emotionally.

The wind blew from the open window making his spine shiver, and his bare wounds twitch. He covered his face in his chest, like a squirrel.

He looked at his girl again, his love, lying motionlessly on the rug. Eyes closed, hair spread like clouds on a moon.

Her chest rose and fell, softly, giving him a sign that she was safe. The sight of her lying there put him in a strange paradoxical situation. His heart beat to save her…to put her in his arms and elope her into his own world…but his mind…his mind told him what she did…what bloody thing she did…what bloody thing she was…

No! His heart cried. No!

This must be a nightmare. It must. His girl, his love could not do that to him.

But his mind reminded him, that she did. She did that. That was why he was lying there… immovable.

He tried to get up again, harder.

No use.

He crawled on the floor, trying to reach her near the rug. 2 minutes…3 minutes…more.

At last, he got to her.

He held her hand in his and stroked her pretty black curly hair, checked her pulse…he didn’t know what else he could do.

She took deep breaths, in and out…

If just she hadn’t done that.

Why did she do that?

She hit him…that too three times? Three? Why?

Just because he didn’t answer her calls?

That was crazy. Utterly crazy.

When did she become like that? He tried to remember, recall every moment he spent with her, but could remember nothing. She was always like that…moody. She had mood swings, but it was so cute! But since when did she became so…so…like…this?

The more he thought, more did his head pain.

By the way, pain? Yes! It was pain. All he was facing was pain.

Pain of being hit.

Pain of being hit 3 times.

Pain of being hit 3 times by his girl, his own girl.

His own love.

It was killing him more than the pain.

The clock tickled in the meanwhile, every second movement of its hands audible.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick…

12:54 am

His pain increased with every tickle of the clock.

Those thoughts were making him crazy. Mad. His mind stopped working.

The more he thought, the madder he became on her.

The pain was overpowering his sense. He held his head in his hands…his face hurt like fire. And his hands…hell.

“tring tring…. tring tring…. tring tring…. tring tring…. tring tring….”

His head pained more. What was that f*** sound?!

He wailed in pain, not even recognizing the ring of his cell phone.

It went into vibration alert.

His legs vibrated. Even that sounded like a loud ring tone in the dead night.

It went silent again.

Dead silence.





Chapter 5: again?


He looked at his pocket. The ring had stopped. Yes, ring! He realized it and was … what?


Nothing was left.

No emotions.

No more.

Or were they?

He touched his pockets, feeling that lump over there, the cell phone.

Yes, the cell phone.

He looked at it and thought,

“The only help at hand, or at the legs? Hah! Brutish jokes!”

He laughed weirdly and gulped a breath. Was he going mad? He thought in himself.

Yes, may be, but who cares?

Not him, at least at the moment.

He tried to dig into those pockets, those demon denims. Yes, demons.

His bloody hands with its broken bones, didn’t find it easy to access inside those demons.

He remembered how his father hated those jeans, how he called them sticky “rugs”. Rugs indeed! No one, not even the son of Einstein can take something out of them while sitting…check it out! Hah!

Thus, those pockets remained “inaccessible”.

His one “ok” hand and the other “broken one” together couldn’t win this “great war of pocketing while sitting”.

The phone ringed again, leaving him dumbstruck like before. He closed his ears, flinching away from the sound for some seconds, but handled himself the next moment.

He tried cooling himself down.

After some ten seconds, he became his normal, or what ever you call it.

He pressed an unknown key, and the ring stopped. (thanks to the technology, “any-key-answer”!)

He smiled a half smile again.

It was someone on the other side…someone.

“Hello Mr. Aarav Khanna…forgot? Wow!…” a faint voice from the other side said.

He pressed the “loudspeaker”. (Thanks to our tech-friendly fingers this time! Can type a whole “letter” in utter blind night, even while sleeping…)

“Hello…? Aarav? Hello?” the voice questioned again.

He opened his mouth, not sure what to say…

“Hel…loo….amm? Wh..o…?….” he said.

He then realized his voice was so…broken.

His pain reflected in his breaking, falling…quivering voice.

“Aarav? Where are you…what happened? Are you ok? I mean, your voice is…god…so gross! Where are you?

I have been calling you since…hours now! I mean…what the hell…where are you?

Priyanshu said you weren’t with him…hello? Will you speak? Aarav? Heyy…!”


He didn’t speak. Couldn’t get anything.

His mind was…say….it didn’t work like before. It slowed down.

The blood, the crack on his head…the crack on his hand, the cracks on his face, on his heart…

They worked.


Yes, they worked.


They left him mad.


“Who…are…who’s this?” he said like he didn’t know.

But that was true. He didn’t know. He couldn’t recognize.


“Aarav…this…this is me…I mean…Nistha…where are you? Are you ok?” said a concerned voice.


“Nistha? Whi…ch Nis…tha?” he said like a lunatic, “wro-ng number….”


“What? Aarav…are you mad?…look…listen…hello? ok, leave it…where are you?” she spoke, for good, I believe.

“I am…whe…e…re? Where? Amm…here…” he said looking around.


“Here? Here means what….” She spoke, but stopped. She started again, “ohk…you are here…good…and what is around?”

Detective girl? Great one!


“Around…blo…od…a….all blood…I m bloody, s..he is bloody…hah!” he said looking around.


“Blood? Wh…” she shrieked getting tensed, but controlled herself, paused for a moment and retained that erect voice lump, “ok…ok…where exactly are you? Aarav…calm down dear…please…drink some water and talk to me…gosh…its so gross…”


“Water? But…t   its… a…all blood…” he said looking around.


“Aara….ohk, listen…who else is around you? Except blood and gross…ahh…” she said weakly, getting awkward.


He looked around, and his eyes met the beauty lying near him…the cruel beauty. Aalia.

He somewhat regained his senses…weird, Right?

But yes, he did.

The cut near his heart deepened on seeing her. The brain responded. His voice grew hoarse.

“She…m…y…my…Aa…lia…Aalia…she…aaaah!…..she…me…why? Why did she …? I lov…e…d her…I lo…ve her…bu….t…why? Gosh!..aaaa….” he broke down, squealing.

His patience broke down…his ignorance broke down.

His tears broke down.



Chapter 6: Revival


 “Aalia? Ohk, what happened? What? You are ok na?…Aarav…stop wailing man!…Aar….please boy…Aar please….hello…” Nistha blew her lungs to no use.

The cry did not stop, nor did the pain.


“Aar…Aarav…are you at her house?  Hey…Tell me damn it!….Aar speak…” she cried at her loudest voice.


He stopped. Shocked.


“Don’t shout at me…,” he shouted in a high pitched voice, like a kiddo.

“Ohk, I wont…sorry sorry sorry! You at her house? Aarav…are you at her house or somewhere else?”


“You are at her’s? Ohk. Fine…wait there…” she spoke and mumbled, “I couldn’t even get half of what you said….”

“Wait? Oh….k….” he spoke.

“I m hanging off Aarav…Call me if anything…amm…what…leave it….I will be there in some time….take care…love you…”


Call disconnected.


Silence again.

Too much.


He held his head in his hands wiping away those swelling unstoppable teary eyes, but they flowed, as they would never stop. Never.


After some twelve minutes, his breath left him gulping like a horse.

Those wails and cries made him worst in the present.

He held his neck…taking irregular deep breaths.


The neck swell and rose like an inflated balloon, and stayed like that for a second and then grudged inside like a deflated one.

He lay on the floor, crawling.


He needed water.


He needed air.


He needed care.


The first and second were present in plenty there, but without the third, they were inaccessible though.



But as the “knowledgeable” elites say, “need” makes a man do anything, and where there is a will there is a way, though the “will” wasn’t there, the need made him strong, or say, better than he was a minute ago.


The table near the rug wasn’t too away, and the water, not more than a two or three feet up.

His bony fingers crawled into the table, reaching the glass jug…the thing he needed the most.


His irregular, high pitched, over “active” breathing did not allow him to do the things in “manner”. But who cares?

Do you?



His rough lips gulped in the maximum amount they could, excess amount dripping from the open pores near the sides.


Water is called “Amrit” right? Well, it acted like one at least.

He revived. Revived so much that he held the jug over his mouth and “bam”!.


As the common sense says, it fell down…according to the position, on Aalia’s HEAD.



A crack on the beautiful moon.


Moreover, the stroke plus the water resulted to the revival of the “shadow” moon.

Meaning, the rise of the demon.

Or should one say, demoness? No word as such, but I agree, it should be.




Rise of the psycho. 




© 2012 

Snehal Sahay 



To be continued – – –


(BTW, Tell me your views on the story till now.

1)Out of 10, how many stars for it?

2)Is it going too slow or unusual? What about the plot development?

3)What do you think about the characters in the story? (we have only 3 till now) is that bothering?) 😀


Thanks here!





To be continued


10 thoughts on “eMotionless

  1. […] is the third update of “eMotionless“. (<—click […]

  2. Tapish says:

    I’m speechless and flabbergasted!
    Wish I could read more, I was so involved in it that I hated it to read “to be continued”.
    This was just so amazing. You are an incredible narrator I must say. Keep ’em coming.
    Hope the next one comes soon.

  3. Sharmishtha says:

    this was powerful!

    you are a very good story writer snehal. your stories are better than your poems (which are fantastic).

    some people are really too much! they ask for so much in return of love that one should just show them the door and ask them to take the hike.

    • Snehal Sahay says:

      Thank you so much! I appreciate that response.
      Yes, some people are too much, but they mostly are psychos. They need treatment. No one with an “all right” head can do that. 😉

      • Sharmishtha says:

        i fully agree with you. these people are not “all right” in their heads.

        i am waiting eagerly for the rest. when you complete it, if it takes too long i mean please let me know that its done!

        • Snehal Sahay says:

          Actually I have written another lesson, but am not sure how to update…mean to say, like if I should another post with the title “eMotionless 2” or update it in he same post…

          Actually, I want whole of the story to be in the same place, but then, I cant tell all the readers privately that “Hey! I updated it, come to my blog and read it” I mean, how can I write it to everyone?
          And if I dont tell them, how would they even know if its been updated?!
          Thats the confusion…any solutions?

          By the way, how do you think the story should go? Any suggestions (though I have already planned, but still)??? 😀

        • Snehal Sahay says:

          Hey! I just updated it. 😀 You can visit the same post or go to the address “https://entangledinparadox.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/emotionless-part-2/”
          Fine? I will update more in some days. 😀

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