The hen’s friendship

Dear readers,

Please don’t kill or curse me for this! Mercy!


The hen’s friendship


Once upon a time a hen,

Went to befriend a crowd of men!


Played and danced in their sight for long

The foolish hen then sang a song!


Thinking the men will make him their friend

But the men had a different trend.


The chicken’s soup seemed better than friendship

And lo! They held the chicken in their grip.



Plucked its wings and twitched its head,

And for sure the hen was dead!!!


So the hen had the best of its day,

On the feast table, where his corpse did lay!


© 2010






Don’t kill me for posting it! LOL!

It might be funny and other “colorful” things, but this piece of poetry means a lot to me.(in a way)

Not because it says or depicts something great (which it doesn’t much), but there’s a very important incident of my life related.

I had written it in my last year of schooling, and it proved to topsy-turvy my whole left half-year(and made me famous too)…but let it pass.


Nevertheless, for you all…Humorous, that is it!

And there’s a moral too, let me see if anyone can guess.

A challenge for you all! 😉



(By the way, answer to my challenge. Anyone???)












13 thoughts on “The hen’s friendship

  1. Sharmishtha says:

    its black comedy and you have written it well in that sense. try writing them!

  2. soumyav says:

    its actually a great piece dear! and for me it says ! how important a life is..even if it s of an animal..and the way the hen speaks shows it’ s feelings. Many morals to it! 1. to be a veggie instead of killing innocent ones.. 2. you can be a fool of yourself ,if you tryto convince a group of fools…3. Whatever we are we should believe in ourselves, and not try to act and befriend anyone,coz it can cost us a hefty price…
    4. However colourful anything appears from outside,does not mean it has life within…

    • Snehal Sahay says:

      Hey! You mentioned everything in points….cool!
      In one line it shows how fake we can become to join a fake world full of fakers and just fake our fake existence till we fake our real life, and become dead for real.

      In hindi there is a saying for your forth point,” door ke dhol suhane” ie, distant drums sound good.

      Dont you think we have become too fake just for the limelight?

      • soumyav says:

        Yeah! mostly everyone! I still try to remain same as Iam in my natural world..this place is like my emotions pouring out in form of words,thoughts that have left unsaid or unshared ,and theres a n urge to express..

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