Best means right, not perfect

The brightest roses, are those that come with the thorns

The happiest babies cry most when they are born.


If no thorns, its not a rose

No cry? Baby needs a pill dose


The sweetest birds are shy at first,

The wildest waters do quince a blazing thirst.


If not shy, the bird must be a hawk

Bottled water can’t be found in the endless woods dark.


The best of best curd takes time to form

The most fertile soil seems filled with worms.


Made in some seconds? Its something “hybrid”

No worms? It won’t “mother” a seed.


The adventurous ship does not live at the bay

The loveliest of love grows from day to day.


Sitting at the harbor? Safe! But no use.

For and from a second? Hearts do not fuse.


The sweetest, worthiest, loveliest and the best

Are not perfect, but just right, different from the rest.




Thanks loviees!

This poetry piece of mine was based on the thought that the best of things always does not come at a go.

No value of happiness until you have been sad. No worth of sweetness until have seen ill and bad!

Moreover, being the best does not stand as being the perfect, it means, “be the right one”. Doesn’t it?


So very thanks for  joining me, in my paradoxical journey! Love thy presence!

Enjoying it like me? Please tell!



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14 thoughts on “Best means right, not perfect

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  2. once4always says:

    hello I nominated you for the beautiful blogger award..visit my blog

  3. soumyav says:

    beautiful lines and wonderful wrote it very well.

  4. Sharmishtha says:

    you are so true, very wise and beautiful poem snehal. what if i think all the poems are fantastic and cant select a specific one to call best?

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