The wierd human rights


Killed 247

Still alive,

Laughed at innocent deaths,

Lives in thrive.


Was driven to court,

When was caught,

Proven guilty

In one shot.


Still sent to another

Court for plea

Millions for safety

Spend on thee!


Proven guilty,

Plead Anyway,

Still more years

In a heavenly jail!


And again the mighty

 Story runs

The cruel killer,

Sees the sun.


Escapes and

Never returns

If not, he

Still lives with puns!


After a couple

Of years then,

Sentenced to death

Are such men


If ever.

But then they plea

A longer tale

Of survival. See.


Then the godly

Humans we,

Open our hearts

And let them “free”.


If not,

They are sent to be slay

But the “humanity”

Of our society is blamed!


How can we be

So hard at heart?

Kill a mighty

Creature Of god!!!


The one who did kill

 only “247”

How can we do such?

Being women and men!


The human rights

And all the great,

Men and women

Their positions take!


“Humanity slayed!
Humanity slayed!!!”

Cry the voices

At once, awake!


Yes, they are right

It’s a human amidst,

Hundreds of innocent

Humans who killed.


Oh, it was a

Big mistake

They will not repeat

Their “souls” are blazed.


Yes they did

Kill hundreds of men,

But they did not

Know it then!!!


The gun fired

Itself and out.

They did not hear

The painful shouts.


They were so innocent

That they didn’t

Know that they were

Being a villain.


They did not see

The crimson red blood flow

Out of the wounds

They themselves blow.


They did not see

The grief stricken mother

Crying for her child each second

Growing shudder.


They did not see

The breathless brother

Carrying in his arms

His dead sister.


Who carried her,

As if she

Would get up, hug him,

And start to speak.


Nor did they see,

The infant or the kid

Crumble in pain

In their mum’s hid…


The bride who had just,

Wed some days in bloom

Sitting like a statue

Near his headless groom.


The flowing lava

Of blood or pain

The big big eyes

Fear-grief stricken.


No he didn’t.

Trust him friends!

He did not mean

To harm them then.


And he is

sorry now

And so god,

Must be proud!



Is in our blood

He has his

“Human” rights as such.


Yes he has.

For he is still a human

After brutally

Slaughtering for fun!


No, trust me!

He isn’t a devil

We must give him

A chance, we will.


As he did

To them he killed,

He didn’t?

Oh! Leave it still.


He does have

A tender heart.

A family, a friend

A wife not far.


How will his

Big family live?

We must forgive

For sorry he is.


For those he killed

Had no family as such,

No one needed them, trust me,

Don’t be harsh much!


He will not repeat,

He has already told.

Now stop your questions

He is getting bored.


Human rights! Human rights!

Human rights!

A thing for which he can

Always fight.


For those he killed,

Had nothing as such

They weren’t humans,

Don’t care so much!


And so,

By mighty humanity

Our “innocent” killer

Is left free!


Given an amount

To restart his life,

So he can

Live with his beautiful wife.


Those he killed?

Oh! Already dead!

Their near ones

Have no left tear to shed.


But what?

Its all about human rights.

Anyone can

Take some free advice.


If you are killed,

You are no longer human, man.

You killed them?

You are alive? Yes? So you can!


Plead a bit for your

Beloved life

Live happily with your

Bloody knife.


Human rights!

Human rights!
The devil has also

Some human rights.


A bloody devil who

Cut hundreds before his eyes

A heartless demon who

Enjoyed the pain of the dying sight!


Human rights!

Human rights!

Wow! The weird abnormal

Human rights!






These are my own personnel views. I hereby state, its not against anyone or anything as such.

I respect human rights of people, but don’t get how devils who heartlessly slaughter hundreds of innocent lives have got them!

Terrorists and anti-social agents destroy the peace of the society and the world, leave millions of children homeless and parent-less, and if ever caught (if ever), are forgiven because of some “weirdo” human rights? Wow!


A person who does not even has the minimum “capabilities” and “qualifications” for being called a human!

Yes, you heard right, “qualification”.

I m not talking of educational qualifications, but there must be some “code” to be called a human.


What do you think? Are such devils humans?





14 thoughts on “The wierd human rights

  1. Tapish says:

    M.I.N.D B.L.O.W.I.N.G.!!!

  2. Fantastic goods from you, man. I have bear in mind your stuff prior to and you are simply extremely magnificent. I really like what you’ve acquired right here, really like what you are stating and the way in which you are saying it. You make it enjoyable and you still take care of to keep it wise. I can’t wait to learn far more from you. This is really a wonderful web site.

  3. i dont think we should rejoice any death- the death of a killer or victims.

    but like you i too prioritize the rights of innocent human beings over those who destroy them or murder them.

    i believe everyone should stay within his/her limits- the moment he/she crosses it he/she invites the same treatment and should not whine about that.

    then who are we? nobody!

  4. soumyav says:

    well written and reflects the agitation ,frustration,vulnerability of a normal being when confronted with such inhumans..

    • snehal sahay says:

      Thanks Soumyav!
      And yes, it is more of vulnerability of the normals that I accept this cause. Killing a human is not right in any way, but people who do these inhumane activities…do you think we can call them human?
      If yes, what are we? And what were Vivekanand and others? They must be god! And if yes again, what is GOD? 😀
      Silly! But its truth….

  5. farlist says:

    You certainly touch on some very interesting points in society. The fact that the appeal process for the death penalty is lengthy and expensive and sometimes some are let free. These are not pleasant realities.

    However let me ask you this about appeals. Would you rather the appeals process be streamlined where those who are sentenced to death row are executed within a week? In the same token this method sends many innocent men and women to their deaths. Hundreds of innocent people have been exoneration from death row because their cases were overturned or the real killer was found. In the justice system within the united states there is a presumption of innocence to avoid the possibility of sending innocent people to prison or to their deaths.

    I would rather have the possibility of the guilty going free and preserving the innocent over ensuring those who are guilty have no chance and wrapping up innocent people within the mix.

    • snehal sahay says:

      Its a rather confusing matter if death penalty is ok or not. Each one has his or her point of view and I respect yours. But here I have not been asking to execute each person who so ever for any crime he or she does, but when the crime is, as our constitution states, “rarest of rare” and too inhumane, I think death penalty is not wrong.
      Specially, those involving terrorist attacks, plans against a nation or any other mass action. We never ask or talk about the rights of people who are killed or brutally murderd, even if we do, things end shortly.
      Why? Just because that person is no longer alive?

      I too am a sensitive person who flinches away from injections even and cries when someone gets a cut, but wrong is never right.


      I may agree to your sentence, “would rather have the possibility of the guilty going free and preserving the innocent over ensuring those who are guilty have no chance and wrapping up innocent people within the mix.”
      But tell me sir, if a innocent is punished, only “one” is, when a guilty is left, many more innocent lives are left at stake.

      But still I dont support innocent deaths, but death of a “fully proven” crime…not wrong.

      Its my view, thanks! You are free to post yours!

      • farlist says:

        I agree in the death penalty, I have no qualms about that despite it being a tricky subject. There is an issue with a crime being well proven however. Many of those exonerated by DNA evidence were the cases of well proven crimes. In Texas if there are two eye witnesses to a murder you automatically get the death penalty. The problem is perception. Hindsight is always 20/20, but when you are dealing with an emotional murder case many citizens rush to find the one who is guilty and that hasty breeds mistakes.

        As far as an innocent being punished for a crime they did not commit versus a guilty person being left to walk free, I would argue they are very similar. A wrongfully convicted man hides the real criminal behind their conviction. That is to say when you convict an innocent person of a crime you let the guilty go without knowing who they are.

        I appreciate your viewpoint although I do not agree with it entirely. I think discussing the rights of those convicted of terrible crimes is very interesting and it is certainly a gray area!

        • snehal sahay says:

          Right! Well, may be this is the case where you live and be, but here, it is a rarity…only 2 or 3 criminals are hanged since I was born!!!
          no, killing someone over two witnesses is wrong. Compleatly.

          But here, even a fully proven crime is tried again and again and executed? oh…hell that! Its only for political things, if ever.

          Shame to leave murderers free on the streets…
          And yes, you are right again, its a gray area…no one has much time for it…why should they? 😦

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