Let the clouds not burst

Handle with care,

Let not fall thee

I don’t ask you to share

But let the clouds not burst.



In loneliness and fear

They have been in disguise

If you can’t care

Let them themselves quince their thirsts.


Their dreams are unclear

They have shadows in their eyes

If you can’t bear

Leave them to their own re-births.




They are trying to overcome the mere

Insensitiveness and poison in your voice

If their cries you can’t hear

Leave them free to find their own worth.

You find their equality queer

Their blinking eyes moist

Nevertheless, they are striving here

So let them have their earth.


Treated them like savages since years

Have eaten their souls, biased

Are you. But when they are ready to dare

Let them not come out with the worst!




Just handle with care,

Let not fall thee

I don’t ask you to share

But let the clouds not burst.




Dedicated to all those have suffered inhumane and unequal treatment since time… be it anyone and anykind. Love thee.

Time to up-root these age-old and rotten believes and turn into a new era of freedom, equality and bliss!


In addition, the ones who don’t agree, no worry! Go on with it, but remember,

“Don’t let the clouds burst!”


Love thee and enjoy!








3 thoughts on “Let the clouds not burst

  1. Sharmishtha says:

    very positive mindset. but in countries like ours where politicians are always trying to keep these divides alive things are a bit tougher.

    sometimes you wont be able to blame the “so called” oppressors- such are our politicians!

  2. soumyav says:

    level of patience and tolerance… lovely write up!

    • snehal sahay says:

      Many people call my pieces of writing “dark” and sometimes “negetive”, but the thing that matters is “patience”. I dont say we must loose it early, but…the thing that matters is that many innocents are being wasted away and treated unfairly, not being able to live their livesheads high and free just because of our “tolerence”.
      We must wake up until its too late, shouldn’t we?
      I guess, yes.
      Thanks for your time!

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