It hurts – being lonely


When a hand wipes my tears away,

and I realise its mine

It hurts.


When a shadow seems near in a dark room,

And I realise its just an illusion

It hurts.


When my eyes seem sore, and a hand hands a napkin

And I realise its mine

It hurts.

When I feel deserted, and someone seems to hug

And I realise its just a play of my mind

It hurts.


When someone tells me, “it will be fine”

And I realise, its only my heart

It hurts.


When I realise no one understands, and no one can

Even the creator

Its hurts.





Thanks for the read loviees!

One thing, feeling the same, at times is ok…but never ever beleive in this…this is only a piece of feeling…

there may be thousands of problems…but be +ive!

Have fun!









4 thoughts on “It hurts – being lonely

  1. Sharmishtha says:

    amazing poem. you are a very young girl, if i am not wrong! so hope its not your own heart you are talking about!

    you captured the sadness of a lonely heart perfectly!

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