Bless this little heart, this white soul that has won the kiss of

heaven for our earth.

 He loves the light of the sun, he loves the sight of

his mother’s face.    

He has not learned to despise the dust, and to hanker after


Clasp him to your heart and bless him.    

He has come into this land of an hundred cross-roads.    

I know not how he chose you from the crowd, came to your door, and grasped you hand to ask his way.    

He will follow you, laughing the talking, and not a doubt in his heart.    

Keep his trust, lead him straight and bless him.    

Lay your hand on his head, and pray that though the waves

underneath grow threatening, yet the breath from above may come and

fill his sails and waft him to the heaven of peace.    

Forget him not in your hurry, let him come to your heart and bless him.

Rabindranath Tagore
A masterpiece by Poet Rabindranath Tagore, a great poet and novelist and the composer of both the national songs of India and Bangladesh.
He won the Nobel prize in literature for his epic work in Gitanjali.
Enjoy this beautiful piece of poetry with relic!!!

3 thoughts on “Benediction

  1. I had never read this, thank you for sharing it. It is a great treasure upon which to start my day.

    • snehalsahay says:

      Thanks! It was a pleasure. Poet laurate Rabindranath tagore has composed many jwels, when I read this, I thought, many would have not read this. So I shared.
      Loved your like.

  2. […] Benediction ( […]

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