I wish I were

My hand at the weekly writing challenge….


While the lonely cloud of cotton flew,

Above my head, beneath the blue.

It swayed a little, and pulled a smile,

I looked at it, away a thousand miles.


It twisted and turned, or did I do?

I looked at it, onto the blue.

I tried to laugh, but then was shocked…

A chariot flew, thousands of clouds just locked…


I looked at it, in perfect amaze,

And woo! A unicorn near it did graze!

But did not move, as longing though

and waiting, for me to follow.


Just that moment, I wished I were,

A small, tangible, golden bird.

And just could fly, up to the height

Where the chariot rested for me to ride…


I lifted my hands, and tried to touch

But my hands could not get through much…

The chariot nearly turned to pink,

And beneath the horizon, began to sink.


Just that moment, I wished I were,

A warrior, who could fight all fears…

And just could hold the chariot and

Pull it back to the sky and then land…


But then I remembered, where I was

Got caught writing poetry in my science class!!!

And just that moment, I wished I really were,

Instead of  the clouds, on my own little “native” earth…


Hey everyone! Thanks for supporting me so much since day one. Have crossed 50 likes and wish to cross a century in the go… thanks to all.

And yes, I love the clouds! 😀  You would have already guessed that since I started blogging..and this one is for the weekly writing challenge. I could have written so many things which could be a bit  mature and made a bit of sense, but dont know why I always choose nonsense! 😀

Love to all and keep visiting!



20 thoughts on “I wish I were

  1. Your blog and background is amazing. Along with your poems. I just published a poems ebook and have zero sales. Oh well. If you have published please let me know. Jackie

    • snehal sahay says:

      Thanks for the compliment!
      And no, I have never published other than wordpress, you can say its my first step.
      And didnt you make a fb account or a blog about your publication? Well, when we start to do this, we can do these things for popularity so that people atleast know one has published something…didnt you do that?

  2. Sharmishtha says:

    if we snip the concluding paragraph the poem is magical, you sketched a fabulous picture snehal.

    if we let the concluding paragraph be that makes it real and fun. 🙂

    • snehalsahay says:

      Amm..actually I thought to change the last para so it could be better, but then thought not to interfere with its originality…no time for regrets…I love it and thats what matters most. Doesn’t it? And now I fing people appreciating it even, thats a treat for me..
      I feel elated, thanks for your acknowledgement!
      Keep visiting!!!

      • Sharmishtha says:

        no keep the final para, that makes the poem unique, because most people would not have tried it 🙂

        its a beautiful poem and when a writer loves what she is writing that liking spreads. dont write solely for others write for yourself. i sometimes write for others but mostly i write for myself and dont much care about the opinion of others as long as they behave and know their limit.

        • snehalsahay says:

          Well, I m keeping it because I love my original and “straight from the heart” works…and I always write for myself..but its good if others feel connected…

          And I did not try that..I have been caught many times like that, but stubbornd me! I never learn to change… 😀

          • Sharmishtha says:

            if you read the opinions of legendary writers you will see that they say the words that you are saying.

            so sing the song from your heart. 🙂

            • snehalsahay says:

              Really? Oh! Dont over boost me..I certainly dont compare myself to them…and I shouldnt, I know…

              Really thanks for supporting and encouraging so much!!!
              Love your presence!!!

              • Sharmishtha says:

                yes. i have read them too many times, do you read the quotes that are given when your post is published?

                you will read some quotes echoing your feelings towards writing- honesty is must for an artist or writer.

                • snehalsahay says:

                  God! What wrong have I done to anyone? I never did hurt someone, nor did kill…why is this happening? Nooooo! 😦
                  Sorry for being hyper, but I am too much to handle at times..and the words of appreciation is too much to handle for me at the time…

                  Sooooooo much of thanks…I dont have words…LOL! I do have but they wont last … Thank you soo much…

  3. I love this one!
    Were you really caught writing poetry in a science class?
    Oh! That was part of the paradox I guess.
    Beautiful piece, dear. You’ve got skills, and I appreciate it a whole lot!
    By the way, I’ve got my wishes too 🙂

    • snehalsahay says:

      Well, I was..and more… 😉
      I frequently get caught doing such things while studying and other things…but telling you, my mother is feircier than my science teacher when she catches me….!!!
      And thanks for the wishes and sweetness…you got one from my heart too…
      Enjoy and keep visiting!!! would love to serve you…

  4. taniamend says:

    this is nice…I wish I were…a golden bird… a warrior…
    this makes sense, I captured it! very nicely done!

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