What are wars? Why do they happen? Can’t be they ended permanently? Why is a deed, such done, that it leads to war? What are the consequences? What is the result?

These are the questions, which all of us study in our history lessons, for whole of our childhood, and answer in almost every exam. What, why, when, where, how, why not, whom etc etc…they are all the materials of our history books from classes 6 to 9.

Now one question again, why do we study history, mumbling the dates and events, names of the rulers and their reign and all the long lessons? Well, we were taught, that the study of history is not just the study of dates and events, but also why and how things happened and what can be done to further check these events from spoiling our future.

Every 6th to 9th standard child knows the answer to these questions, but wars still prevail….small or big…. 😦


Haven’t we been taught that wars are wastage of time, money, resources and human life?

Has ever a war led happiness to the commoners? Why do they happen? Many people have questioned me on my questioning them. They say, “You write, consider yourself a writer, then why do you ask us what can be done, what needs to be done, why things happen…you should tell us the answers….” Well, I really agree to your questions, why have I spent half the page questioning you all? Why don’t I straight away tell you all what needs to be done…why?

Well, actually I am myself greatly tensed about this serious health problem of mine. I ask questions but seldom give the answers. Sorry, if you could not find my answers, because I thought I already told you.


Sorry for the late delivery of my thoughts and answers. It is just a failure of my machinery.



Let me come to the point. Therefore, my solutions are-

1) We need to prohibit the teaching of history in classes. Why do we need to waste money studying a subject that teaches us all about the problems and solutions to a thing but still leaves us without a solution?

2) Make people wear sunglasses, because sometimes, just a wrong eye contact starts a war.

3) Add wars in categories of diseases like diabetes, high/low B.P. , heart attacks…once it occurs, it will occur again and again and there is no cure to it.


So let it go on.


There are other ones, but I will explain them later on.

I have accepted the fact, wars happen even after us being so much “educated” with the concepts of wars, losses, humanity distressed, children left homeless, and all great things of relic…so, even after studying so much about wars, if we have to forget those lessons, I have a final and most important suggestion, stop the history lessons. They are the culprits.

Thank you.


Sorry readers for not updating since long.

I really apolozise for the delay. Will try to be regular in the course. Thanks for reading!

And please note; none of the pictures belong to me unless otherwise stated.

Enjoy the day.



4 thoughts on “WARs

  1. Levitra says:

    I’m talking on my site about this situation aswell. So I totally agree with you!

  2. Wow, that’s what I was searching for, what a stuff! existing here at this webpage, thanks admin of this web page.

  3. very good one snehal. being an anti-war person i absolutely rhyme with you.

    history teaches us a lot of things too 🙂

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