I find the smallest things to be the biggest wonders and joys ever… They give me more happiness than big ones. When I get a big thing to be happy about, I become mad with joy and just can’t tolerate so much of joy at one go. Nevertheless, when I get a small happiness, I can cherish it and enjoy it madly, still in my senses so that I don’t hurt anyone…


In addition, it is always more gleeful to see a 3 year old giggling than a 23 year old one. Isn’t it?



  • How a small soap bubble fascinates us?!
  • How a small beautiful butterfly makes our heart flutter…
  • How a small tear speaks more than big stories….
  • How a small piece of chocolate makes the hardest soul on earth’s mouth water? :p
  • How a small smile lightens a dim life…
  • How a small sorry takes away all the grudges…
  • How a small “hi” makes your entire day…
  • How a small dream makes your life worthy to be lived…  
  • How a small drop of water quinces the thirst of  the small sweet sparrow…
  • How a small incidence changes our life…
  • How a small word “love” adds meaning to our life…


Small is beautiful, small is biggest of all….dont you think so?



Thanks for reading…

Keep dropping by 😀 have a great day everyone,

Snehal Sahay



  1. Sharmishtha says:

    very true words and very beautiful post snehal. that baby rabbit is fabulous 🙂

    • snehalsahay says:

      Thanks Sharmishtha! And yes, the baby rabbit is a cutie pie, you get great pics on google, right? 😉 But every baby is the esclation of cuteness…isn’t it? The change occures when they grow up…(sadly) 😦
      But thats life..changes….
      enJoy!!! 😀

  2. howanxious says:

    That’s beautiful… 🙂

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