Dreams are all you have

Dreams are high dreams are low,

Dreams are lucid, some just blow,

Life is one, and it’s all you got,

Forgetting your dreams, don’t let life rot.


There’s no count of steps you take

For the shore, when you are even not at the lake…




Always there will be questions a few,

Some like emerald some like dew…


Just have the courage to make until the end,

Success comes, but is not a childhood friend…



Time never comes, so drag it out

Work hard, wail and shout…


Failing at times is as normal as life,

Sometimes abusing, a bloody knife

Struck at the heart, with full blow,

Laugh at it, don’t let it make you slow.

Eiffel tower was not build in a day,

One day, hard work will pay,

Dream big and dream again,

Then, the clouds will sure rain!


Hey guys! Just wrote it, do you all like it or not?

Well, actually, I m quite entangled in my dreams since some time, so found nothing else to scribble…hahahaa…. 😀

Comments….. ting tong ting!!! Now, since I dont get comments, if you like this, you have to comment too, otherwise…ammm…ammm…

I will…

amm..what can I do?…amm (scratches her head)..I will…amm..ok…no…amm..

yup. Got it, not good for your health… 😦

I will..


Yup! I will…

Comment if you dont want me to cry, telling you, I m really emo type sometimes..






2 thoughts on “Dreams are all you have

  1. Sharmishtha says:

    beautiful post Snehal- esp the first poem. its a lovely way of thinking, that should be cherished.

    • snehalsahay says:

      Thinking positively and going on is the best thing I have got from life…hope is the best support, and there are others too.. 😀
      Thanks for visiting,
      keep supporting,
      Enjoy! 😀

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