Don’t you like the clouds? Small, white, cottony stuffs spread across the sky in an unknown fashion-sometimes tucked together, sometimes spread across the sky, sometimes dense, sometimes scarce, sometimes wide, sometimes long, up, down, random and round. No limits, no boundaries. Just meant to be, unruled and free. Aren’t they awesome?


You know what, I love the sky. However, the distance is between the earth and the sky is never ending, just infinite. They never ever meet, except at the horizon, one of the most beautiful sites to watch and elope into. But sadly, it is just an illusion.


Simply, “not” possible.


You have to choose one. You cant be the horizon. If you are, you will just be an “illusion”. Unreal.

But you can be a cloud, free!

You just have to let yourself loose. Limits are for us, we are not for them. So let them be, but a bit longer.

Life is small, do not let it become long and tiring, or else it will become bitter than death, more cruel than both.


Close your eyes and wander into the woods, springs and valleys deep. Cry a bit, laugh your asses off, do some mischief, help someone, fight a bit sometimes, help yourself with a spoon of pain and a bottle of hope.Play and fall, get up and learn. Do what you want you want to, because things happen, and will happen. Tell them, you can survive. And don’t just survive, live. Love your loved ones, laugh at them who don’t. Ignore things you want to, change what you don’t like. Be there for others, be there for yourself too. Enjoy your life.


Because at last, your earthly sting will be cut apart, so don’t make it too tight, or it will pain more. Let it be loose, let it flow.


World was there, is there and will be. Let it be. Let life be. But let yourself be, what you always wanted to be because; you are, were and will be? Not sure…   😀





Hey everyone! Thanks for reading.

I have really gone mad cauz I don’t know what you would like to read, my immature mind is not helping me, but its not its fault, I myself never use it. My full concentration lies on my heart. ❤  😀  So please comment and tell me, if you have any ideas.

Hearty thanks.

Snehal Sahay. 😀





2 thoughts on “LET YOURSELF LOOSE

  1. You have a fresh look in your writing, sort of honest, free flowing and carefree!

    Keep writing, you can shape your talent by just writing more and more! 🙂


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