A child’s encounter to the real world…
I stood there and looked at them as they screamed and cried at each other. I couldn’t understand anything. Aunt screamed on Mumma and Mumma just cried and replied arely. They just screamed and screamed. Uncle too said something harshly, but it was above my understanding level.

I looked at Shreya di. She just stood in a corner wide eyed and afraid of the trauma which was going on. They all just madly cried at each other and screamed. Mumma said something but under her breath…no one could get it.

The bell rang and we ran to it and opened the door. Daddy stood there.
“Chocolates for you, angels..!!!” he said handling one to both of us,”What happend dear?what’s this commotion?” he asked me.
“Don’t know…Uncle and Aunt are shouting, Mumma is crying….” I said thinking.
“What happened Shreya?” he asked Di.
“They are fighting….I don’t know…..” She replied hesitatingly, fidgeting with her skirt plates. Daddy ran to the room. We went there back and stood near the door. He talked with everyone , but they shouted.

“Di, why are they fighting?” I asked Shreya.
“Don’t know….I am small na…I think their dolls broke….” she said thinking.
“But Mumma doesn’t have a doll. She is big naa..Big people don’t play with dolls…” I said.
I had a point.
“May be they had one or two…I dont know…” she said arguing.
“But you are elder…I am 5, you are 7…you should know….” I struck out my tongue .
“ohoooo!!! leave it….you always behave smart.” she said opening her choclate wrapper.
‘Because I am….” I said with pride.
“Shreya, Sneha…go to your rooms…we’ll call you when dinner is ready…” Daddy said in a strict tone.
“Ohk.” We replied in union.
“Wait Shreya! Where did you get this choclate from? Give it to me….” Aunt said taking it away and threw it on the floor. “I gave it to her….” Daddy said in a high pitched voice. And they started screaming again.
I looked at Shreya di. She looked miserable. Tears filled her eyes ready to pop out any instant. I really felt bad.
“Di, don’t cry…..I’ll share with you….half half…” I said wiping away her tears.
“But you love chocolates…” she replied tearfully.
“So what? We are sisters naa? We can share….Mumma says sharing is a good manner..”

Everyone stopped shouting and looked at us. Now what have we done???
“Shreya, go to your room…” Uncle said.
We went to her room but uncle stopped me. “Sneha, you go to your room and study a bit….Shreya di will study too…”
“But I studied and di studied too… just now…”
“Just go to your rooms….” Uncle screamed.
My heart shaked as if thunder fell on me. It was the first time ever he went mad at me…he loved me soo much always…..I cried. Di held me.
“Sneha, go baby, play tommorrow….” Daddy said stoking my hair.
“But I want to play now, its not night….just 6…” I said in my cries.
“Just go!!!!” he shouted. I shiverd and cried even more. What has happend to them all?
“Why are you all shouting at her?” Di cried with me,”When we fight, we don’t shout at you…”
“You say it’s bad to fight…God becomes angry..and the bad man takes us away to the forest….but you are fighting yourseleves…you threw di’s choclate even….and you say we should not waste food. If your doll is broken, share it together and daddy can bring a new one tommorrow when he returns from his office……ok na Daddy?” I asked looking at him.

“Yes angel. but now, both of you go and rest….ok?” He took my hand and uncle  took Shreya di to our rooms. But I remembered something and ran back…
“Di…..your chocolate…….good night, and don’t cry..ok?” I kissed her and went back.

We never ate together after that, don’t know why….but they all
 fought many more times.
But god didn’t punish them for fighting! The bad man didn’t take them away to the forest. Why??? May be he must be fighting with someone too. Everyone is bad.
But Shreya di is good and me too. But we don’t play together now. Aunt doesn’t let her. She says I m bad… am I?

You know why the world is so “selfish”? Because we don’t have any morals. Morals lack, because the people who give them to us, don’t  themselves believe in them. Our childhood lessons just last till there. And we just don’t know, when a slight selfish action of ours,
just ruins the mental state or sometimes even the life live of an innocent.
But who cares?
We don’t. Right?




2 thoughts on “WHO CARES ???

  1. niki says:

    You are right. You can’t teach someone something that you don’t have.

    • snehalsahay says:

      Right. But this is what we try to do all the time, want others to do what we couldn’t, want our children to become a “doctor/engineer/etc” if we weren’t able to….
      Want others to follow morals, which we never did! Reality is so unreal these days…maturity is so immature. 😀

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