The Middle class

You would have often heard people saying,”Oh! We are middle class people…”
Ever thought what this “middle class” term really means? Well, girls are hard to understand, but this term is even harder. If you are a middle class person, you know what I mean…I didn’t knew it and was quite tensed about what kind of virus it is, which affected us , when daddy used to say,” We are middle class people” every time I asked him anything, when I was small.The answers to all my questions, demands, aspirations, everything was this middle class…

“Daddy, why didn’t you get me that doll?”….”Because we are middle class people, we can’t afford………”
“Daddy, why can’t I go on the tour?”….”Because we are middle class people, we can’t afford………”
“Daddy, can I……..?”….” We are middle class people, we can’t ………”
Blah blah blah!!!

I asked him what it meant, and he explained,” We are neither rich, nor poor…so we are called middle class….”. And what does that mean? Like being neither a horse, nor a donkey? Neither a boy nor a girl? I really used to get perplexed.

Well, of course I know it now. So I m explaining you, in detail. Well, it’s like being ill, but not like “just going to die”, but neither being that healthy to be sure to see the next day. Well, but its not a topic of concern,because we are not ever going  to be extinct. We are like sparrows….present everywhere in amounts…

But a simpler and a blunt explanation would be,” A poor man, who doesn’t fulfill his/her basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, but fulfills higher needs making the both ends meet…even if the ends break down. He may not eat full stomach, but will send his children to the best schools/colleges he can dream of. He goes to his office in a self owned vehicle, but pulls it half the way because he doesn’t has the money for fuel. He spends one-fourth of his income on the facilities his children,but himself wears the same suit on every occasion. He may not ask back for the thousand bucks he lent to his friend but will fight for a rupee with the grocery man.”

This is what middle class is. A person with aspirations, but not passion. Passion dies the day he is born, and if it doesn’t, it creats wonders. Sometimes people just want to be called middle class, even if he is poor. They are called the lower middle classes.

You know what? My father earns Rs.6000 per month, we are middle class. The labour who came to mend our wall, works on Rs.200 per day. He is “poor”.
Just calculate a bit man!

Shocked? Don’t be. This is middle class. And the process is called,” the game of 99 “. A  very fine line seperates this class from the other classes. And this line is called,” PRIDE”. Once called “middle class”, we can’t accept we are poor, or we became. No. We save more than we earn. But its no ones fault. Wants to be happy, but can’t afford to be. Wants to be rich, but it remains mostly his fantasy.
But this is what middle class is! Got it now?


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